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  1. Trail Cam Build Sheet

    So here is my order. Am I forgetting anything?
  2. Trail Cam Build Sheet

    Are there any good threads on adding externals? I haven't really looked into it, but I wouldn't be opposed to doing that as well.
  3. Trail Cam Build Sheet

    I am about to order the remaining parts to do my first build. I am planning on building a fast hacked S600 with a Bigfoot board. I would like to order everything in one shot so I can finish it up next weekend! Things I Have -S600 -Pelican 1060 Things I need to order -Bigfoot board (S40/S600 fast hacked, with Trail Master) -HPWA/Bigfoot Easy Alignment Mount -0.9 Focal length High Performance Wide Angle Fresnel Lens (black/with black lens) -(2) 1-1/4 (1.24") Round AR(Anti Reflective) Glass 1mm thin -Stainless Security Tube I plan on sourcing all my parts from Snap Shot Sniper. The only remaining questions I have are what thickness of foam do I need to order for the flash gasket and backing foam? Is there anything else that I may be missing, or any other things I should consider before proceeding? Thanks in advance for all the help!
  4. Yeti Board

    can you post a picture please?
  5. First!

    I got my S40 today and it works great. I found the case I wanna get and am ready to order my board. Can anyone post links for hacks please.
  6. Latest Build

    thats nice, i might have to get me one of those. that goes on your pics after you have uploaded them to your computer right?
  7. Latest Build

    those are some sweet pics, nice cam. what date and time stamping software was used on those?
  8. First!

    I bought it off of ebay and got a good deal on an s40, the p32 just seemed a little expensive to me
  9. First!

    how much milling do you have to do?
  10. First!

    a few questions, will a s40 fit in a 1040 pelican on a vertical build without any milling, and do i need to seal my standoff screws?
  11. First!

    I have been researching for a while now and i have decided to finally build a camera. Hopefully if my grades are good enough i will be using a yeti board, thanks to the school offer(awesome)! I have decided on a Sony S40 because i think i can get one for cheap enough of ebay. What is the best or easiest hack for the camera? What is the battery life of the unit?
  12. YetiCam School Special

    Hi, i am a sophomore in Illinois and it looks like this semester i am gonna have at least a 4.0. Our semester ends within the next 2 weeks, what do i need to do to qualify for a board? Thanks, Benjamin