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  1. Berniebac

    more jazz questions

    TEEBO, not sure I can be of much HELP since I have not done a build in a few years and I am going by memory here so be careful with my advice. I believe you do need a wire connected to the negative side of the battery terminal. I think it does something to check the status of the camera while recording, or else it verifies the camera is turned off. I do not know for sure if you can connect it to the power negative wire of the hack, but my understanding is that it had to go to the negative on the battery terminal. I do not know the answer to your array question. I started a jazz build last year but the boards I got would not start the record on the camera. I believe they need an extra second of delay programmed into them for the white jazz to record. I can't program the chip so I gave up at that point. Had it successfully hacked and all the components of the build ready but quit at that point. Hope your build is successful.
  2. Berniebac

    WTB - 2 Jazz Cameras

    I'm still looking for a couple Jazz cameras if anyone has any out there.
  3. Berniebac

    WTB - 2 Jazz Cameras

    He was using the DV159 version. the 150 is older than the 159.
  4. I am looking for a couple Jazz DV 150 cameras for builds I want to make. I been working with a GFM version of the cam but cannot get it to work. Hacked or unhacked cams would be fine but must be the Jazz version not the GFM version.
  5. Berniebac

    Backyard Fox Captured On GoPro Hero HD

    Very nice video and a very pretty fox. What kind of range does your white light array have?
  6. Thanks for confirming that it may be somewhat of a normal operation. I almost tossed the camera thinking I had ruined it. It seems like a strange way for a camera/memory card to operate.
  7. Well that is a strange one!!! I uploaded the video to Youtube so I could insert it in this thread and the video looks great on Youtube. When I viewed it on my computer it was all broken up. Below is the link to the video on Youtube. Looks like the cam is working fine. Wonder why my computer would not show the same video? I'm confused! I think the focus needs a little more work.
  8. Well Bulltalk.65's work on his Jazz DV 159 cams inspired me to hack an old Jazz DV150 I have had hanging around for a long time. I had a commercial cam that was not working so I tore it apart on Friday to see if I could get it to work but it was a no go. So I decided to salvage some parts out of it and jumped in to hacking my old Jazz instead. The hack went pretty well. Really tight solder points for my old eyes but I got it done and can't see any solder bridges. Since I had the lens out of the commercial cam I thought I would put it and its exchanger in my Jazz build, I got the new lens installed, the hack completed and put it all back together. The hack worked fine when I touch the wires together. The cam comes on and it will start to record, so I think that is all correct. I did some focusing just looking at the camera screen and it looks pretty good. So I decided to record a video to check on the focus and it is not recording correctly. I get a video image that is all broken up. Seems to be a bunch of square pixels, but you can see the where the cam is moving and recording images. I don't know how to upload the video to show you and I don't know how to better describe it. I am wondering what I could have done wrong to ruin it recording a video. My thoughts are: 1) Solder bridge, but like I said above I can't see one, 2) I did break the copper tape on the switch board at the point it is soldered to the main board. Would this cause recording problems? 3) Damaged cmos? When I screwed on the new lens could it have touched the cmos and damaged it? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'll see if I can figure out how to upload my video to show you.
  9. Berniebac

    Jazz HDV159 - Ready to start the Build

    Thanks for posting that. I have that schematic saved somewhere in my files. I also purchased similar LED's a long time ago and just never put a build together. I really should be getting on to doing one of these but things keep getting in the way. I'll get the nerve up to tackle one soon. I'll keep following along with your builds in the mean time.
  10. Berniebac

    Jazz HDV159 - Ready to start the Build

    I'd love to see some pics of your LED and driver setup and an explanation on how you wire them up. What batteries do you use to power them as well.
  11. I haven't built a cam since about 2012, so I am way behind in the driveway alert technology. That does sound like an interesting approach to have the cam ready when a critter gets in range. I may have to do a lot of research on it to figure out how that works, but it might be worth the effort. I could have bought two of the DV159's from a local store for $30.00 each but I thought I read somewhere that they were not suited to our use. Oh well, snooze you loose!!
  12. Yes I did see that, but when you have one laying around you might as well put it to use. And I would likely use it as a feeder cam for the most part.
  13. Why would you convert the camera to IR and then use a white light array. Is it to allow for future use of an IR LED array? (Sorry, reread your original post and saw that you are trying different arrays. Should have read more carefully.) The focus looks pretty good and the white light does a good job of lighting things up. I have an old Jazz DV150 that I am trying to get the courage up to hack and make into a video unit.
  14. Thanks for replying. I will take a look for some of those cameras locally to see what I can find. That video is great, very clear. I assume the motion security light was to provide enough light for the night time videos so that an IR conversion was not necessary. That is an interesting approach and one I might like to copy, but the white light could be a little unnerving for deer. And the bears would tear into it pretty good. Man they won't leave a camera alone. My brother-in-law has had two destroyed by bears.
  15. Is there a point and shoot camera that is appropriate for a video build. I have an old Jazz DV camera but was wondering if any of the newer cams have become more appropriate for a video build. Haven't built a cam in a few years but would like to have a video build.