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  1. Thanks for replying. I will take a look for some of those cameras locally to see what I can find. That video is great, very clear. I assume the motion security light was to provide enough light for the night time videos so that an IR conversion was not necessary. That is an interesting approach and one I might like to copy, but the white light could be a little unnerving for deer. And the bears would tear into it pretty good. Man they won't leave a camera alone. My brother-in-law has had two destroyed by bears.
  2. Is there a point and shoot camera that is appropriate for a video build. I have an old Jazz DV camera but was wondering if any of the newer cams have become more appropriate for a video build. Haven't built a cam in a few years but would like to have a video build.
  3. What Is This For?

    Two eyes made out of coal???
  4. Bf Board Question

    I just wanted to follow up on this post. I did redeploy the camera and had it out for about six weeks. It worked fine all that time. I am convinced that it was the on board on/off switch that went bad. After I installed the external on/off switch it has worked fine. I am still having a problem with moisture in this case so I think a new rope seal will be going into the case before it gets used again. Thanks for all your help it really lead me to the final solution.
  5. Bf Board Question

    I have turned it on using the on-board power switch and twice it has done the funny blinking thing. Every time I turn it on with the new external switch it arms the camera as it should. I believe the on-board power switch got a little corrosion inside of it and it may be making intermittent contact and not getting enough power to the board. As long as it works OK with the external switch I am good to go. I will redeploy it his weekend and we'll see in another week how it holds up. Thanks JDH for your suggestions and guidance on getting this fixed up.
  6. Bf Board Question

    I changed out the battery holder and added an external switch. I tried it about 6 times last night and every time I turned it on it went thru walk test and armed itself just fine. Tonight I am epoxying in the new battery holder so I won't be playing with it at all to test its function. Only problem is I don't know which item replaced fixed the problem, if indeed it is fixed. Will keep you posted.
  7. Bf Board Question

    I have not been able to get a new battery holder, so I have not tried one yet. I think I will try the external switch and see if that helps. It could be a bad on/off switch because it acts strange when you turn it on sometimes and other times it is fine. Thanks for suggesting that.
  8. Bf Board Question

    It is still operating intermittently. I can turn it on and it will fire right up, go thru walk test mode and arm itself and take pics for hours. The next time I try it it will turn the camera on, then turn it off and start the blinking thing, never going thru the walk test. Guess if I put it out I have to make sure that it arms itself properly before I hang it up.
  9. Bf Board Question

    Thanks BBM and JDH that was the confirmation I needed. I don't think I am out of the woods just yet it started acting strange again last night when I shut it down and turned it back on. It was back to blinking. Think I will still replace the battery holder with a new one, but it may be time to order anew board. We'll see how the testing goes over the next week.
  10. Bf Board Question

    I have cleaned everything up, rewired the battery holder and fired it up. It is working normal again. I am hoping it was the corrosion I found under the battery holder that was causing the problems. I will continue to bench test it for the next week and if all goes well I will redeploy it near my stand. I am currently using the old battery holder, but I have it wired in remote. I will try to pick up a 3 "AA" holder tomorrow and will wire that in if I can find one. I tried searching for posts on the BF Board power supply but I could not find anything about it being capable of running on a higher voltage power supply like 4 "AA's". If it could I might wire in a 4 "C" holder and run both the flash and the board off of it, but won't go that route till I have confirmation that the BF board could run on higher voltage. Crossing my fingers that I have found and solved the problem.
  11. Bf Board Question

    Is there a range for power supply for the Bigfoot Board? Could I power it with 4 "AA" Batteries? Or, must it be powered with three batteries and a total of 4.5 volts? Just happen to have a 4 "AA" battery holder on hand.
  12. Bf Board Question

    How did u sand it? Thanks Jim Did it by hand with some medium grit Jim, didn't take much effort to get it worked down enough to eliminate the high spot in the holder. I found the battery holder was bent just a little. It was low on both ends and arched up in the middle. This likely caused the middle battery to rise up out of the holder and not make contact on the terminal. Each of the two batteries on the outside of the holder have a little plastic clip that holds them in and this likely made them tight enough to not rise up. As stated above I will put a new one in to eliminate this problem.
  13. Bf Board Question

    Thanks for posting this. Just a little too late. I just pulled the end of the holder off of the board opposite to the + and - terminals. The tape loosened just enough to let the battery holder rise up. I then heated the + and - contact points and pulled the battery holder free of the board. I don't believe I damaged anything. I did find some more corrosion under the battery holder on the pins for the Power, Shutter, Common green terminal block. When it goes back together, I think I will make the battery holder remote, or located elsewhere in the case, so that I can see these points in the future and check for corrosion. As in your post about removing the battery holder, I had a battery go bad in the holder, likely it froze and leaked acid.
  14. Bf Board Question

    Thanks for posting the location of the battery holder pos/neg post locations. I did try new batts, turned the board on and it worked like a trooper. But, I shut it down a while later, then came bank and fired it up and it is back to blinking so it's operation is very intermittent. Can't rely on that so I think pulling the battery holder and cleaning things well is worth a try. I also used a metal tube pipe thru in this case and I find it prone to condensation which likely contributes to potential corrosion on the electronic components. We'll see. I will keep you posted.
  15. Bf Board Question

    Thanks to both of you for the suggestions. I think there is something else going on with the board. This morning I put the batteries in the board and turned it on. It powered up the camera, then shut it off, but it continues to flash the LED's without going out of walk test mode. I think I will pull the battery holder and scrub it down to see if it helps and I will add a new battery holder as well. I just need to find the pos. and neg. spots to de-solder to remove the battery holder from the board.