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  1. mightymite45

    Anyone Else Having Trouble.....

    Having problem to, slow loading.
  2. mightymite45

    Ss Board Pir Question

    The hexagon pir can go either way,that's the reason I like them the best in my builds. Hope this helps!!
  3. mightymite45

    Viv 2800 Vs 2800d ?

    The last word on the 2800d that I've found was that it's not a good choice for a slave. Me being the dummy that I am, bought one not knowing that there's a difference. Can it still be modified as a slave and if not, why?
  4. mightymite45

    My Son's First Buck.

    Teach them about the outdoors and they will remember it forever! Great job Tony!
  5. mightymite45

    Sony M1

    That's a very cool setup, you do great work! Can't wait to see Picts.
  6. mightymite45

    New Record Bear In Pa And Almost The World

    Is it illegal to bait in PA?
  7. mightymite45

    Mother Nature At Its Best

    That was great and Alision Krauss rocks.
  8. mightymite45

    Something For All You Guru's To Ponder On

    I think I may have a go at one of those cam setups myself. With the AIO board that should be a piece of cake !
  9. mightymite45

    Happy Birthday Bowgod02(39)

    Happy b-day Ron , I wish you many more !!!!!!
  10. mightymite45

    Iced Up Glass

  11. mightymite45

    Still Holding It Off?

    Down to 206 and holding, but want to lose 15 more. It would be easy if I didn't enjoy eating so much!
  12. mightymite45

    Best Morning Seeing Deer Ever This Morning

    I really hope you get him , good luck !!!!!!!!!!
  13. Don't tell me.........you forgot your cam.
  14. mightymite45

    Where Can I Find The Best W7 Settings?

    For what it's worth, I run the three that I have on auto and they do great. Excellent pictures and fast as well.
  15. mightymite45

    Security At Your Cabin, Workshop Etc.

    Thanks Bat, that should do the job quite nicely. Especially the cock gun 2. :roll2: