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  1. Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    Just reading this for the first time and find myself speechless. Chris was a kind and caring person who gave his time to help perfect strangers. He had helped me many times and had sent me all kinds of parts to use in my builds and never asked for a single thing in return. I along with many other members truly missed him at Hags. My prayers go out to Chris and his family.
  2. You never have enough camera traps.....
  3. Sure enjoyed the pictures.
  4. Hog Thinning

    That's one less pig you have to worry about. Good job.
  5. Happy Birthday Daddy Duncan

    Sounds like you will be loading up your own road kill and dragging it to the other side of the lake. Got to get the shot and the picture.
  6. Happy Birthday Daddy Duncan

    Hi Duncan, I hope you have a great day celebrating with your family. Looking forward to some eagle pics soon.....
  7. Hello All And Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone. The years sure do fly by fast. I hope everyone has a great holiday with family and friends.
  8. That case mount is very nice and well made.
  9. The Old Bat Tower Came Tumbling Down

    Things like that always seem to happen right around hunting season.
  10. What camera are you using? That video is so clear and perfectly focused.
  11. Nice Family

    That is a great pic.
  12. Deer From Thailand

    I would love to see more animal pics when you get them. Great to see what other countries have for wild animals.
  13. Beneath The Ledge

    Very nice pictures and stories of each one.
  14. Gobble Gobble

    Well that's where all your corn is going.
  15. Superbowl 50

    I don't see Panthers running away with anything.I may be wrong but Denver has a great defense. Denver receivers had lots of dropped ball against the Steelers. They can't afford any mistakes.