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  1. CuttnRun

    Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    Prayers to the entire family.
  2. CuttnRun

    Kwikee Quiver Male bracket

    I realized that at one point I must have bought the Kwikee brand when in fact all of the other ones that I have are Bohning brand. So, the issue still remains, we can still purchase the male bracket from Bohning but they don't sell the male part either like the one in my picture. They do sell this one that Jim posted, with some grinding, I'm sure that it can be attached to a case.
  3. CuttnRun

    Kwikee Quiver Male bracket

    Oh man thank you anyway, I appreciate it. I did receive the build yesterday, very nice looking build, thank you. And thank you for throwing in one of Joe's mounts. No, I spoke to Kwikee. The rep that I spoke with actually knew exactly what I was referring to as he told me that he took some old quivers and cut off their mounts to use for his cam's. Kwikee has never made the male ends.
  4. CuttnRun

    Kwikee Quiver Male bracket

    I have seen that one Jim, not the same. My question is, where did we buy the exact ones from my picture? Many of us here bought them back in day. Somebody has to remember. We bought them, mount (female) w/screw and male end, all together not separate. Was it from WS??????? @bigbassmann, @egbertdavis, @tbass, @dwojciechowicz, @kdornski @cnggack do any of you all recall?
  5. CuttnRun

    Kwikee Quiver Male bracket

    ?? Do tell.
  6. Anyone know where I can find them? I could have sworn that we use to buy the entire set-up from Kwikee but spoke to them today and they informed me that they never sold the male bracket which makes no sense.
  7. CuttnRun

    Clearance sale cont

    Please PM me, I'll take #4.
  8. CuttnRun

    Sad News

    I wanted to let everyone know that Masterbambislayer (Don) passed away today. I got the news from a member over on Pa Hunting Forums. Apparently he was driving to work, he called his wife and told her he was having chest pains and his legs were going numb. She told him to get to the hospital, he never made it. An aneurism apparently went to his heart. He was a great guy that would help out anytime I had an issue with a camera. God bless his wife Linda and children. Cutt
  9. CuttnRun

    Cases For Sale

    All sold. Thank you fella's. All packages will go out this morning USPS. Cutt
  10. CuttnRun

    S600 Build For Sale

    SOLD, SOLD, SOLD. Thank you CAM-O.
  11. CuttnRun

    Cases For Sale

    Builds all sold. Thanks guys. Cutt
  12. CuttnRun

    S600 Build For Sale

    Inbox cleaned up. Cutt
  13. CuttnRun

    S600 Build For Sale

    Don, your too dang cheap to spend any money. So what if you already have 10 600 builds!!! Stump, PM sent.
  14. Clean up sale: Cases: 1- 1040, 2- 1020's & 1- 1010. 2 pipes, 3- 8 AA holder, 1- 2AA holder. ALL brand new! $60 TYD. And NO I will NOT seperate. Builds all sold. US sales and PayPal only. Cutt