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  1. I have a question for you all.. Should you see these type of folks would you shoot them ? Call the law ? Approach them and try and help ? This may make me sound like a killer however if I see one that comes into my space . I will shoot them. You simply cannot trust them man , woman or child they are not here to help us. So what would you do seriously ?
  2. Tell ya what if I'm in the woods and one them. Jokers comes buy he wont have to worry about anything else we all know they are up to no good . He will not have the chance to blow up Americans !!!!
  3. Gadestroyer74

    Best Commercial Cam?

    Hands down bushnell agressor ! Browning strike force btc 5 HD Primos proof 02 or 03 Stealth cam g42ng or gx45
  4. Gadestroyer74

    Gary (ghoot). Anyone Heard From Him?

    Good to hear Gary ! Thanks for all your hard work . Hunting on,y comes once a year I'm sure a nice message on the site to let us know gone hunting would be just fine for most of us. I'm in Missouri now hunting rifle. Just finished our hunt up tonight heading back home tomorrow
  5. Gadestroyer74

    Gary (ghoot). Anyone Heard From Him?

    I had same issues Matt. Couple weeks back site was down I sent him a text and call no answer. Not sure what's up
  6. Gadestroyer74

    Talked To One Of Our Members On Phone

    I talked to Bow tie couple,weeks back. Said is doing good and started a lawn business and doesmt have time for cameras or forums anymore. He doesn't get on them at all now. Doesn't do anymore camera building. Sad but the homebrew community has faded away. Seem there was a division amongst us started with Ohio bow hunter left. Then it was the buck shot deal seems like there was to many people turning it into a business and went there separate ways. Really sad use to be a lot of fun now you rarely see anything or anyone ......
  7. Gadestroyer74

    Tcscout 360 View Camera

    When you look back to the 35 mm film days to now. It's amazing the change. Nearly every feature I see was designed here first. I'm sure there are somethings we didn't design but pretty much them all came from homebrew folks
  8. Gadestroyer74

    Tcscout 360 View Camera

    Heck no Ralph ! That exceeds my knowledge capacity ! It is crazy it's been six years ago . Wild game just came out with a 360 . Be a piece of junk I am sure ! You know they got that from roger lol
  9. Gadestroyer74

    Tcscout 360 View Camera

    That's it ! It amazes me how most of the things you see in commercials cameras came from what the homebrew guys have already done or doing
  10. Gadestroyer74

    Tcscout 360 View Camera

    Can anyone dig up Rogers 360 degree camera deal he built awhile back ? I couldn't find thread
  11. Gadestroyer74

    Monsterbuck Poached From My Area

    Be cool if you could send. A copy,of,the trail cam picture to the dnr to go with the deer ! Maybe if your buddy and you could have the sheds and reproduce a mount of the deer for yourself . What a giant of a deer most will never see !
  12. Gadestroyer74

    Amazon Basics Rechargeable Aa's

    Just picked up some eneloop pros this week
  13. Gadestroyer74

    Talked To One Of Our Members On Phone

    Talked to Ralph just the other day been awhile since I talked to Bowgod . Robbie has all but hung up,cam building . HAvent heard from irbowhunter in awhile either !