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    Hunting of course, is there anything else? Oh yes there is, Love to ride my Harley Davidson, 2010 Dyna Wide Glide.
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  1. couple P32 pics

    Thanks bigbassmann. The land and cabin took over my life for a while.
  2. couple P32 pics

    Going through all my old cams today. Had a part fall off the BG board for my D370 that I’m going to have to fix. One of my p32s the camera will come on sometimes but even then it just shuts down. lol. And I drug out both of my old Sony Nightshots, I think I’ll work on getting those old vid cams going. I’m so far out of the loop. Seems like these days you can buy a good cam without doing all this building. Luckily I had the stickers in my cams for settings. I about forgot how to use them.
  3. couple P32 pics

    hey Tinhorn. I was just riding my Harley out near your cabin a few weeks ago and got to wondering about you. Yep, I sat down with my .06 and checked that cam and a buck came chasing a doe through. Just got done eating some venison steaks.
  4. couple P32 pics

    this one looks like the same buck, except for the G2 on the right side is split.
  5. couple P32 pics

    a little better. notice the left G2 is forked.
  6. been a long time since ive been on the web. I purchased a small chunk of land and built myself a cabin. All out of pocket, im finally living in the cabin and no debt. so I decided I would hang one of my old homebrews up and see what I could find out. here are a few different bucks, tyhis little guy was working a couple scrapes.
  7. Black Hills And Sturgis Vacation

    Hey all, been a long time, but anyhow I made my second trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota for Sturgis Rally. 4 of us went, rode 2500+ miles. This time i decided to make a video of our trip and wanted to share it with you. I have to tell you, at 50 yrs of age, its a long haul to the Black Hills on a bike.
  8. Bg-2 Board Down

    OK, I have not been into the cam building for a very long time, i quit pretty much about the time Hags left. since then i have forgotten most everything i knew about boards. I have one of Brian's BG2 boards that has quit me, i actually have 4, but the other three still work fine. Have been out of hunting for several years but now the bug to drag out my cams and bow is getting pretty strong. Id like to have this fourth BG2 board working. Symptoms: was snapping pictures wildly last time i used it, fill a card up in a day. So tonight i drag them all out of storage and i put a battery in it, turned it on, get the red flash, then nothing, no walk test LED flash, and after setting an a time no powering the cam on, no picture, no normal activity. i know its simple but danged if i remember. Anyone fix these things? i hate to pitch it in the trash can, and Brian has left long ago to care for family.
  9. Thought I'd Show Off Couple Items

    coondog, any questions fire away, do the best i can. you can learn a lot on youtube by punching in wood turning. you will need a few extras to go on the lathe depending on what your wanting to turn.
  10. Thought I'd Show Off Couple Items

    I have one of Grizzly's mini lathes.
  11. Thought I'd Show Off Couple Items

    Also, this picture has a Coyote Howler in it, Redwood Burl as well. The next is made from Cedar, i put a tone board and distress reed in it, and I have to say, it screams, sorry I don't have pics of it completed.
  12. Thought I'd Show Off Couple Items

    First off, not selling at this time, besides I'd have to go through Chris, and post elsewhere. So I just wanted to throw up a couple calls I made here recently for y'all to look at and critique. First is a Turkey pot, it's made of Redwood Burl, it is Slate over a glass soundboard, and it actually makes turkey sounds. The striker is Hickory with a scrap PC of Redwood on top.
  13. Been Forever

    Yeah seen that post after i already had put out this feeler, i need to start dropping in more often, truth is i got away from hunting for a few years and here lately i have been getting back into predator hunting, making some custom calls and the like, I will have to post some pictures of those. once a builder of something always a builder. LOL I was kinda hoping 212 would jump in here like a kid in grade school raising his hands say Me, me me, piiiiick Meeeee! bigbassmann, yeah, should be a ton of my nonsense here someplace ;) Still trying to find out, CIA aint telling me nuttin. TINHORN !!!! man how you doing?? I ride out by your cabin all the time, just never have stopped in to see if i could catch you there, gonna have to hook up sometime for a pow wow. shoot i feel like the lost son who just returned home to his happy to see him papa.
  14. Been Forever

    Man it has been a long time, I'm going to be digging all my cams out soon and get them fired up and running. I have so many!! Anyhow, I have some stuff I'll post to get rid of if there is an interest. I have two BG2 LANC boards and two NightShot handi cams HI8 that I'd get rid of. Is there any demand for these still or are they antiques? Anyone here fixing BG2 boards? The last time I set all my digitals out I had a problem with one, don't have it in me anymore to put it on a bench and figure it out, but I'd like to have it fixed. Seems like it was coming on, but not triggering, swapped cameras to make sure it wasn't the wiring, didn't fire a known working camera either.
  15. Video For You All

    you will need broadband to see it, its in 720p HD and pretty large. Me and my Bro's and their ol'ladies last Sunday. went and had some catfish and a cold drink, then finished up the day having fun. This was filmed using the GoPro Helmet Hero HD, i started off with it on my head, then passed it off to a fine young lady who didnt mind helping capture the day.