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  1. Getting rid of most everything. More to come yet. Prices are tyd in the 48 states. Prices negotiable for multiple items. 6 - 4 wire servos w/ stranded 30 awg $6 ea 13 - 2 wire rc style connectors 6 - 3 wire servos with 30awg solid wire $5 ea Each case comes with a stainless tube. Specify vertical or horizontal for the 1020 cases. 2 black 1020 cases $15ea 2 ultimate camo 1020 cases $25 ea 4 black otter 3250 $30ea 4 Plano 1425 clear $20 ea 3 Plano 1425 ultimate $30 ea 6 Plano 1425 mothwing $30 ea 1 camo otter 3000 $30 1 black otter 3000 $15 1 clear otter 3000 $15 I also have... 2 black plastic/ black lens hpwa 11 mothwing/gray hpwa 19 plain aluminum snorkels 12 ultimate camo snorkels A bunch of various stainless tubes Unsure of prices but maybe March up with cases for a few bucks extra. I have a ton of other stuff also. If you are looking for something just ask and I likely have it.
  2. tbass

    Sony W100 Ac Adapter Test

    I wanted to try that but never could find the right adapter to plug in there. I'm glad someone continued on with the W100. I loved that camera even if it was a pita to hack. The right combination of speed, mp, and flash for trail use.
  3. We all have our preferences on brands and such. I would like to buy an AR or something like it that shoots the standard 223. There are a ton of choices, but I want reliability. I've heard good things about the S&W ones, but after the way they caved in and worked with the Clinton administration I try not to. Even though they were so heavily boycotted they went belly up and sold out in bankruptcy. I'm looking to spend between $1000-1400 for one. I want reliability first and foremost. Followed by accuracy second. I know some folks are using them for varmint hunting so accuracy is out there. Any advice would be great.
  4. tbass

    Just Doing A Bit Of Bragging....

    You are right Gumby. Whether she finishes first or dead last, she has still placed above almost everyone else in the world just to be there. Three times being there even.
  5. tbass

    Just Doing A Bit Of Bragging....

    She is a very pretty girl.
  6. tbass

    Just Doing A Bit Of Bragging....

    This looks like scary stuff and fun. I wasn't sure what it was so I went to look.
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    Misc Stuff

    What's the key #?
  8. tbass

    Just Doing A Bit Of Bragging....

    That is certainly something to be proud of.
  9. tbass

    Can Someone Check The Yeti Website For Me ?

    That's not good news. Yeti is one of my all time favorite boards. The dip switches make it extraordinarily versatile.
  10. I have an H55 I carry when scouting and such. I took a video of fish in a body of water that has been polluted longer than I've been alive. I can watch them on the camera, and on the tv with cables, but I can't find them on the card anywhere when i put the card in my pc. Any advice? I might need to go hunt down a linux or unix machine. Or install a vm of course, which I hate dealing with.
  11. It was an inconvenience to install this software, but it worked. That's the stuidest thing I'e seen with cams. I might not buy any new sony cams from here out.
  12. I only use it as a hand held for scouting and hiking.
  13. Tried that first Gary. I used to hide my stuff that way back in the win 98 and xp years. I still run xp on most machines so I guess Isshouldn't make it sound so distant in the past.
  14. I've not tried it yet but I will when I return home. I tried that also. I can see all the photos new and old as well as old videos from the cable or any of the card readers. I just can find the new videos. I can watch them on tv with the cables or on the camera though. I'll dig out the siftware when I return jomr.
  15. and no they are not on the cameras internal memory
  16. I still have this stuff and would like offers
  17. tbass

    Advice On An "assault Rifle"

    I have a red dot scope on it right now and I'm throwing a 2 inch group at 50 yards without a solid rest. I can't wait to see what I can figure out with a real scope. We can't use this for hunting in Pennsylvania.
  18. tbass

    Advice On An "assault Rifle"

    I grabbed a bushmaster since they are made in the US. I actually decided against many options because they or their parts were made or assembled out of the country. Proud American here. Ironic that the day is the 4th though.
  19. I've really got to move this stuff. I'm open to offers folks.
  20. This is what I have for sale. Prices include shipping to the lower 48 A P32 3 wire hacked. When I got it I was told it worked intermittantly. Asking $25 Slave in a 1020 w/viv2800 and slavemaster. I cannot guarantee the seal since I've not used it in over 2 years. SOLD!!! P41 SS2 assembled kit. It's a clear case painted black. Needs touched up. I cannot guarantee the seal since I've not used it in over 2 years. The unit has a 5 wire servo, but the cam is just a parts cam I had laying around. Asking $85 The L11's and build are as follows Build is original SS in a 1020 I cannot guarantee the seal since I've not used it in over 2 years. The unit cam takes the pictures as above Black cam is 4 wire hacked and has broken battery tab. Unknown beyond that. Silver cam is 6 wire hacked and takes black photos unless you take the shot at a well lit sky. Sold as a LOT and asking $80 The Ultimate 1020's were kits I messed up as follows: P41 has all holes drilled except there is an extra hole above the lens and flash hole. Goop will very easily fix that. S600 has the lens hole drilled through. It can be used for a P32 if you don't mind it being a tad off center. Has all pilot holes drilled. The top one has a hole in the middle and pilot holes only. Does not include a pipe Does not include anything else either. That means no bladders also. Although I might be able to figure out how you can get a matching HPWA for the SS2. All for $70 or $25 Each.
  21. tbass

    Advice On An "assault Rifle"

    I can find a ton of 223, but I haven't looked for the 308. I have a dillon progressive press, so my ability to reload a ton is there. I decided to drop about 1450 on a Browning A-Bolt 300 RUM. I am going to grab a bushmaster 223 next. darn scopes are pricy. $450 for a 4-12 to get a good one.
  22. tbass

    Advice On An "assault Rifle"

    Thanks for all the info folks. I might try to build my own. I looked at so darn many I couldn't make up my mind. Ammo for the 308 semis are hard to find. I can get my hands on 1000's of rounds of the standard 223. I'm still saying wth silently every time I see the 22lr versions. Now I know why there is such a shortage of the 22lr ammo. Sad day when a guy can't find ammo to take his young kids to the range with any regularity.