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  1. boss hog

    Fall Cleanup!

    Hey Kevin I'm still waiting for those pics or have you pulled item 5 off your listing?
  2. boss hog

    Fall Cleanup!

    I'll show some interest in item #5 Please email me larger sized pictures of internal and external so I can have a better look see thanks, Thes1959@gmail.com Thanks Terry
  3. North Western? North Central? North Eastern? There's about 350 miles of distance across Northern Alberta, I'm game if it's in my area and a reasonable driving distance. I'm West Central
  4. boss hog

    Remote Slave ?

    On my IR/White flash units I us the flip front that is used on welding helmets to hold in the welding lens, Flip up for white flash flip down for IR flash, ( The flip up holder is holding the IR lens material ) Sorry no pics available all my units are in the field
  5. boss hog

    Hey Chris (212)!

    Let us know Willy
  6. boss hog

    Hey Chris (212)!

    How are you covering the sensors, Is there any chance the unit stopped charging the flash prematurely? What you explained about the battery voltage doesn't add up with the flash voltage findings
  7. boss hog

    Hey Chris (212)!

    Hi Willy sorry to hear that unit is causing you so much trouble, I believe that the 2000 will flash below your checked voltage, I remember that particular unit doing a rapid 2nd shot even though the capacitor wasn't at full charge ( Just going by the light intensity of the flash it was way less bright than the first flash )Here's a few suggestions to try, Check for continuity on the wires to the flash tube from the board, I'd check for voltage right at the flash tube. If the rated voltage is present at the tube, (You should have full voltage right at the tube just waiting for the trigger voltage before it fires), the flash tube may have failed, or the trigger circuit might be kapoot, Chris is definetly the guy that can get that unit firing for you again Terry
  8. boss hog

    Remote Slave Box

    A pelican 1020 works just fine, That's all I use using those exact cpmponents ( slave master control board )
  9. Funds have been sent Ryan
  10. I'll take it if the shipping charges don't kill me, Please forward me the total and your Paypal account, Thanks again Ryan. Terry
  11. I'm interested and have questions P.M sent
  12. boss hog

    Dead Slavemaster

    Green light not turning on!!! check the voltage to the board before anything else is done, Could be something as simple as bad battery holders or a broken wire/ bad solder coonection from holders to the board, You did check the Batteries for a full charge correct?
  13. Hi Guys it been a while since I've posted but I've always been with you I'm hoping someone has run across this before cause I'm tired of trying to figure this one out, LOL, Actually just not much time to figure it out and I know the wizz kids on here would love a new challenge. I'll start of by telling you the symptoms Batteries in DXG are going dead way to fast I used to get approx 1.5 too 2 hours of video using I believe it was a 4 gig card, Regardless it was 1.5 too 2 hours video time, Now I'm lucky if I get 15 minutes of video time. Problem solving done already Changed batteries to many times to count with same results. Taken DXG out of case and ran as a manual video recorder with the same results, So it's very obvious its in the DXG camera and not in any other component or board in the home build. I might dig into the camera and find the problem but most likely its already surfaced some where else on this site and an easy fix/find could be had Any Ideas guys as to where abouts in the DXG the problem lays. Thanks and I hope all you guys and gals have a GREAT SUMMER
  14. boss hog

    Garage Sale

    God this is tearing me apart, Why can't we just take up a collection plate for this Gentleman and let him keep his personal belongings, I'd like to donate $25.00 to you Bulltalk65 no questions asked. forward me you paypal acount. May god give you the strength to persevere these hard times