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  1. axe3761

    Target Cam

    i wasnt sure where to put this so sorry in advance. im wanting to build a target cam for long range target shooting and need some input. iv been doing some reading on this project and it seems easy enough to do with a wireless router and http://www.amazon.com/TP-LINK-TL-SC3171-Su...n/dp/B004S9CFZ2 or similar matched with a laptop with wifi. has anyone here done this already? im looking at using a digital camcorder..sony, canon etc. hooked to a transmitter/receiver http://www.ebay.ca/itm/4-channels-2-4G-3W-...=item43b6fdec1a and a 12v monitor out of the rv. antenna needs attention as well as battery consumption during use. inverter with battery and or solar panels have been considered for power. are any of the tr/tx units better than others? has anyone here built there own tr/tx units? the retail ones that are for sale are still in their infancy and have lots of room for improvement. i want to build my own and thought there might be some members here that might like to build one of these too. jump in anybody. p.s. the reason i want one is my eyes are going fer sh** and cant see past the mirage with my spotting scope anymore.
  2. axe3761

    My First Bear Pics!

    cool. your gonna have fun with them.
  3. axe3761

    Bigfoot And Jazz

    i have one that does the exact same thing as the original poster. mine is a gmf jazz look a like. my jazz had a meltdown and i found this gmf cam. can i reprogram the bf board myself or do i send it in to get done? i have a dxg waiting for a build. should i just use the dxg instead ? by the time i pay for shipping and repair, i might as well get another board sent up here. i found this thread. http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?...c=45493&hl=
  4. axe3761

    Bfoutdoors 8 Led Arrays

    dave... any chance i can buy one? i know im a little late. im going to be putting in an order for a few boards so it can ship with them.
  5. axe3761


    i don't go in the bush after may long with out my thermacell. we got them darn no see ums too...the bites leave scars. between the skeeters, horse flies, black flies, i don't know which is worst.
  6. axe3761

    2010 Bear.

    i wish i had a camera on my face when the arrow came off the string. lol. i have to upgrade my arrows to carbons...the aluminums have alway been noisy. the first time i pulled to full draw on the first bear, it felt like a 100 lbs. lol. too much adrenaline. im thinking the bow itself dampened the vibration, even during the shot wasn't too bad. would probably make a good bow cam with a thumb toggle sw. and moved over to the side so you can see what your filming. the first bear on the vid isn't the one i killed. he had an old arrow scar on his left shoulder and a white patch on his chest. my hunting partner sat that stand last spring and wounded a big one and he got away so im thinking thats him. i had two diff chocolates also hitting the bait that night but the big one never came right in.the smaller one on the vid has a little rub on his arse and the bigger one didn't. a little black cruised through about 6:30 but didn't stop to eat...probably didn't want to get eaten. lol. only got to sit the one night but its the best bear hunting iv done for the past 15 years. chewed the crap out of my tc too. was worth it though.
  7. axe3761

    2010 Bear.

    i just used a dxg 567 on a little angle bracket. i pulled it apart and unhooked the speaker. i used the buttons on the dxg as it was right in front of my bow hand.
  8. axe3761

    2010 Bear.

    had to chop up the vid so it fit into the 10 min time limit. should be a better vid now....with kill shot at end.
  9. axe3761

    Non-lethal Arrow Options?

    iv shot bear in the ass with those rubber blunts and it never seemed to slow them down. lol. you need to take that dog on a loooooong car ride.
  10. axe3761


    i could see a bear using that like a speed bag. lol. good for deer though.
  11. axe3761

    2010 Bear.

    darn! too bad i missed you. pretty cool little hunting camp hey badger. everybody there is there to hunt. we were 4 cabins to the north of running bear camp. our camp has 4 mobile homes on 6 lots right next to each other on the main(only) road. moose, elk, bear and whitetail hunting in the back yard. lol. it doesn't get much better than that. mine has a 27 ft u-haul stuffed into the bush at the back for quads and hanging game and a black 82 chevy 3+3 4x4 sitting out front, can't miss it. maybe next time.
  12. axe3761


    the hpwa fresnels call for .9'' anything other than that will give you diff sensor sensitivity. the face of the pir has to be .9'' away from the hpwa fresnel opening. the 1 1/4'' will give it tunnel vision. did you pull the foam out of the hpwa fresnel?
  13. axe3761


    standoffs are a bit long me thinks.
  14. axe3761

    Dxg Build Problem

    sounds like a bad connection on the driver that controls the array. maybe a cold solder?
  15. axe3761

    2010 Bear.

    boss hog! in the one night i got to sit on stand, i didn't see any rubs on any of the bears here. it has been below average temps . the hide on mine is awesome, not one rub and still has all the under hair. a few good scars on his face though.