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  1. I still have some, otherwise you could check with Ralph (bigbassman) and see if he has some? Joe
  2. jjkscf

    Sony S600 Lcd Screen

    Not that I've seen but if you need one let me know I have a bunch of em and I can send you one
  3. jjkscf

    Need Sony Help

    No doubt its the little black square, I've forgotten to take it out when doing the hack and it looks just like that LOL. once you get the lens out and the CCD unscrewed you'll see it floating around in there its pretty obvious once you see it!
  4. jjkscf

    Fs S600 Kit

    Cleared out a bunch!!!
  5. jjkscf

    Sony S600 E61:00 Error

    I was sure that would fix it it almost always does, I have seen it a few times before on a rear board failure, if you have an extra try switching that out to see if that might do it. Joe
  6. jjkscf

    Sony S600 E61:00 Error

    PM me your addy and I'll send ya a motor
  7. jjkscf

    Sony S600 E61:00 Error

    You just need a new zoom motor (the small ribbon) most likely it has one screw holding it on just swap it out and you should be good to go!
  8. jjkscf


    Thanks guys it was a great day, No cake but fresh apple pie was even better!
  9. Gary I got a bunch! PM sent
  10. jjkscf

    Pix Le V.ii Tm W/sony S40

    This might help you! http://www.pixcontroller.com/PixLE/PixLE_DIPSwitch.htm This will get you to the dip settings then you can move around to get to the connecting cameras tab for the board hook up Also I found this post for hook ups to a LE TM Yes it does I'll get you the info, But now that I know it's a s40 you are going to run the 3 wires should be hooked up J2-1 Shutter J2-2 Common J2-3 Power Resistor R17 removed Cam dip switch settings Dip 5 down/off Dip 6 up/on Dip 7 down/off
  11. jjkscf

    Wtb P32

    I have some Ken that I dont use
  12. jjkscf

    Interesting Findings.....

    I've heard of guys cutting truck innertubes into bands and it is supposed to work great
  13. PMed ya Gary.... Lemme know