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    Slow W290

    It's just the cam, not a build. And it takes the same amount of time to start up pretty much every time, not just when it's been off for a while. If I pick up a parts cam someday I will just swap out components until I figure out which component isn't working right. Until then, I guess I'll just keep around for use as a P&S. Thanks for the help.
  2. javman

    Slow W290

    That's what I was afraid of. Think it could be the cap going bad?
  3. javman

    Slow W290

    I've got two W290's in hand that I just bought used. One of them starts up in 2 seconds or less... The other one takes almost 5-6 seconds to start up and be ready. It functions fine otherwise. Any idea what could cause it to take so long to start up? I've tried different batteries, memory cards, etc. All of the settings are identical between the two cams.
  4. javman

    Sensing Distance

    Does your yeti have back-mounted controls? If so, you turn it counter-clockwise to increase sensitivity... Just a guess...
  5. javman

    W230 & Yeti Board.

    The 220 & 230 are 2 second (or more) cameras. I think I read on here a while ago someone using a 2 second trigger successfully on an SSS board. I have both a 220/230 hacked, and both miss the first pic with a yeti programmed for a W80 (1.85 seconds). I should have two pic chips from yeti soon to test... The yeti board doesn't have a refresh to the best of my knowledge, so you have to make sure it fires the first pic after it has been sitting a long time and the cap has drained (unless you're putting it over bait or somewhere where it will be triggered every couple hours).. As soon as I find out which works I'll post it here.
  6. javman

    Yeti And Hpwa

    Are you guys mounting the standoffs (3/8" or 1/2") directly to the case, or using those standoff lengths with the mounting bracket kit from yeti? Also, does it matter if you use the black one or do you have to use the white one with a yeti?
  7. javman

    Yeti And Hpwa

    Just curious... How much better is the HPWA than the normal fresnel with a yeti at sensing things? All I've used is normal fresnels, and it seems like at 30-40 feet out, there's only about a 5' window that will trigger.