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  1. DJA

    Airborn cottontail

    Very cool picture, lots of air!
  2. DJA

    Trevor's GoPro Hero2

    Nice and clear
  3. DJA


    Works for me!
  4. DJA

    Ben (bobopool)

    Prayers sent to you both.
  5. DJA

    Wanted DXG 125s

    PM sent, thanks Danno.
  6. DJA

    Yea! We're Back

    Great to hear!
  7. DJA

    Speed2spare (45)

    Happy Birthday, have a great one!
  8. DJA

    Happy Birthday Tcscout & Fasterem

    Happy Birthday and many more!
  9. DJA

    Video Stills

    Great pictures, can you tell me how to get such good pictures from video stills, every time I try to do that my pictures come out blurry. Thanks Danno.
  10. DJA


    Happy Birthday Jon, have a great day!