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  1. Ben (bobopool)

    Prayers sent to you both.
  2. Wanted DXG 125s

    PM sent, thanks Danno.
  3. Yea! We're Back

    Great to hear!
  4. Speed2spare (45)

    Happy Birthday, have a great one!
  5. Happy Birthday Tcscout & Fasterem

    Happy Birthday and many more!
  6. Video Stills

    Great pictures, can you tell me how to get such good pictures from video stills, every time I try to do that my pictures come out blurry. Thanks Danno.
  7. Iroquoisarcher(57)

    Happy Birthday Jon, have a great day!
  8. Sow With Three Cubs

    Thanks for all the fine pictures Bob and I love the great stories.
  9. Ya Gotta Love Em

    Very nice!
  10. Cougar

    Beautiful cat, thanks for sharing.
  11. Happy Birthday Ghoot !

    Happy Birthday Gary, have a great day!
  12. Beautiful, congrats to the whole family, well deserved.
  13. New Build Fella's

    Great looking build, I am impressed. Can't wait to see some pictures.
  14. I will take it if still available.
  15. Need Sony Help

    I have a Sony W5 camera that takes pictures with black borders like the following:Any idea as to what is causing this?
  16. Need Sony Help

    Thank you, if it does this again I will try to open it up. It is hard wired, but how will I know if the piece that is loose belongs in there or not, I hate to remove it if it is suppose to be in there somewhere.
  17. Need Sony Help

    Thank you for all of the help guys. I smacked the side of the camera a few times and right now the black portion is gone but it seems to come and go. Hopefully it will be ok for a while. Thanks again Danno.