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  1. lots of bulls, extra cool
  2. mheimburg1

    Another New Build Fella's

    Good job, camo looks really nice as well as the inside
  3. mheimburg1

    Got A Nice Surprise

    x2 I remember when 212 sent me a breadboard, I think he would be proud to see this, you have sure come a long way since those days
  4. mheimburg1

    Rena's Mom

    Prayers sent, best of luck
  5. mheimburg1

    New Build Fella's

    Very Nice
  6. mheimburg1

    My First Build

  7. mheimburg1

    Happy Birthday Bowgod

    Happy Birthday.
  8. mheimburg1

    Checking In

    Good to here all is well. been on 12 hrs and weekends, not much time for anything. I am to old for this crap. Take care
  9. mheimburg1


    Makes sense, must just reduce voltage to motor? Thanks
  10. mheimburg1


    It may not be a cap, it is ceramic, I assumed it was a start capacitor like on central air systems? As mentioned I touched 12 volts to it and nothing? This is for rear heat the front has hi and low speed also I will check the voltage from that switch.
  11. mheimburg1


    Hi guys I was going to reinstall the rear heater in my 73 Toyota Landcruiser, I thought it worked when I did a V8 chevy engine swap 20 years ago but when I dug out of a box in the garage and plugged it in nothing, no fan? I am wondering if start capacitor is bad? Checked power from switch and it outputs approx 1.5 volts at start and levels to about .70 on high and almost 0 on low? this was checked without fan hooked up. I need help diagnosing this motor or testing cap, numbers on cap are RWH5 4ohms sign then microns below. This is a 12 volt system but don't know what to make of switch voltage either? Briefly tried 12 volt to wires and got nothing? I can not see any numbers on motor either but bottom can not be seen unless unbolted from base. Also looked on mouser to no avail. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  12. mheimburg1

    Dxg Crittergetter

    Nice, look forward to seeing vids
  13. mheimburg1

    Happy Birthday Mheimburg1!

    Thanks guys
  14. mheimburg1

    W290ir Build

    Looks Great
  15. mheimburg1

    Fishing Light

    Looks neat. cant figure if that is one array or the whole 10 pack pictured ?