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  1. creekchub

    camera items for sale.

    Make me an offer, for the whole lot. thanks for looking.
  2. I have several items for sale, i would like to sell as one lot but would be willing to split up. asking 225.00 negotiable, shipped. for the whole lot everything seen. p.m. me, or leave a reply if interested. Items: small pellican case has a cut out may or may not be savable. 3 keyed the same python locks 45.00 Sea horse Case SE120 15.00 pelican case pe1120 15.00 flash board and hotfoot flash 25.00 P32 bigfoot board 25.00 p32 camera. allready hacked however the ribbon is torn on the case back. memory sticks, and small card adaptors for sony camera's 90.00 feel free to shoot me a price on the whole lot. paypay or postal money order
  3. creekchub

    ribbon torn?

    I have sony p32, the The circuit board ribbon that is attached to the back, it has a small tear in it causing the cam to not function at all... the hack has been done, and it was functioning fine until, the fatal mishap of tearing while removing the camera back. is there any way to repair or am i going to have to find a spare cam to salvage the back off of.
  4. creekchub

    Wts Controll Board?

    thanks to both of you. it is very helpful.
  5. creekchub

    Wts Controll Board?

    I have a homebrew with a WTS control board. i have not used it in several yrs. i am wanting to put it back in service, however i cannot find the PDF operating instructions online and of course WTS is out of business... so if anyone has a set of instructions or a good link they may be able to share it would be appreciated! Mike
  6. creekchub

    Simple Sniper Inop With My S40

    that seems to work fine, the LED will flash when sensing movement, and then blink fast 3 times after some inactivity! I should be in camera mode at that point correct?
  7. well decided to get my cameras out. and started to test one of my SSS and S40 setups. after installing a new bat for the board i powered it on and motion sensor works. but the camera will not turn on or take a picture. i can jumper at the block between ground and power to turn the cam on and i can even shutter the camera the same way. the board will not what might be wrong, this was my first unit i ever put together and has taken many wonderful pics. i believe it was made back in in 09 or 10 thanks
  8. i have for sale the following and would like to get rid of it all together. but would be willing to split. 1) P41 Sony Camera "Not hacked" 2) Pelican 1060 cases 2) HPWA lenses 1) Project box for slave flash housing asking 75.00 tyd for everything !
  9. creekchub

    Closed Thread! P41 Cam

    Camera is still available! i will offer camera alone for 45.00. tyd.
  10. creekchub

    Closed Thread! P41 Cam

    yes,,,, Ill PM you with details on payment!
  11. camera and board has been sold, pelican case and HPWA along with hacked external AAA battery holder available make offer!
  12. creekchub

    Closed Thread! P41 Cam

    I would be willing to split things up feel free to make offer or maybe work something out. I do need a P32 I/R with slave built....... i have everything needed to do so!
  13. would be willing to split things up, and take offers!