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  1. OWF

    Missing Members?

    Treetop came down over the weekend. Hes doing good
  2. Gotta love them 503's.
  3. OWF

    Happy Birthday To The Phantom!

    Happy Birthday
  4. OWF

    Happy Birthday Ghoot

    Happy bday ole timer
  5. OWF

    Happy Birthday Owf!

    Thanks guys. Everyone makes a big deal about turning 40. Seemed like just another day to me. Now the falling apart starts huh. Wonderful!
  6. OWF

    Happy Easter

    Yep. Happy Easter!!
  7. OWF

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everyone !!!
  8. OWF

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving.
  9. OWF

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter Everyone
  10. OWF

    Happy Birthday Members Tcscout & Fasterem

    Happy Birthday Fellas
  11. OWF

    Case Rebuild

    Now do you expect anyone to believe that? No way!
  12. OWF

    Website For Ready To Assemble Homebrew Kits

    Looks good! I like the professionally modified cam section. No pun intended
  13. OWF

    First Two Builds Done

    We all wish our first looked like that. Yep very nice builds.
  14. OWF

    Case Rebuild

    This is a case I bought off someone here but I can't remember who. It had a good frame on it but it needed some love. LOL. I stripped it down and started new with it. Filled in a few holes with the iron and installed a new rope seal and checked it for leaks. It seemed fine so I went ahead and finished it. Got a quick mount from Gary for the ss1 board and a new hpwa lens. Put in 2 aa holders for the externals and topped the case with a pure goop 3d camo job. B4 pics After
  15. This is my first remote slave. 1030 case viv 2800 and a RCD slave board. Simple slide for the IR material. Turned out nice and works Great! Thanks BBM for making a nice little board.