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  1. dwstex38

    What Is In This Pic?

    Bushy tail possibly a fox
  2. dwstex38

    Pix Universal W/ D-380

    That's it thanks
  3. Dug this thing out after many years and it still works. Can't find the dipswitch settings manual anyone know where I could find it.
  4. dwstex38


    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.....lol
  5. dwstex38

    This Is Slick

    I figured a couple of grand but $3450!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!
  6. dwstex38

    Everything Sold

    PM sent
  7. dwstex38

    Unidentified Set Of Lights

    Bat upper right side.....two sets of three lights.......weird!
  8. dwstex38

    Unidentified Set Of Lights

  9. Whatever happened to headnurse69?
  10. dwstex38

    Ata Show

    Where was Lee did you run him off?.....lol
  11. dwstex38

    Primos Commercial Cam

    Would be interesting if you could find a fix cause I got one doing the exact same thing
  12. dwstex38


    Thats a pig with horns......
  13. dwstex38

    Different Kind Of Question

    Wow this thread really got hijacked! lol
  14. dwstex38

    Different Kind Of Question

    Get a digital temp controller http://www.ebay.com/itm/120586443603?ssPag...984.m1436.l2649
  15. dwstex38

    Moultrie Plot Stalker

    Funny Mattpatt Academy had them here for 59$ and I had a 20 dollar gift certificate in my pocket so I bought one too