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  1. Noblehunter

    Deer Reactions To Flash

    I have seen deer react to my white flash cams in the past 2 years when hunting near them. First encounter was 2 seasons ago in late evening,less than 1/2 hr shooting time left in firearm season. 6pt buck comes along about 20 yards from me. Camera flashes & buck jumps 10 ft away. Circles around & about 1 minute later goes by trailcam again. Same result,buck jumps sideways again & leaves area. Don't remember if p41 or s600 cam. This early november in bow season had a big buck coming straight at me 1 morning along trail near apple trees. Buck reaches trailcam (25yds from me) & trailcam flashes & buck bolts out of area. I watch him run out into field then out of sight. Same stand that evening, sun settled, daylight giving way.2 yearlings & mother doe comes by. Yearlings go past cam & trailcam takes their pic's. I seen trailcam flash twice(once for each yearling) & didn't bother them. Mother doe comes by & trailcam flashes & doe jumps sideways about 6ft & bolts out into field. I will no longer have camera flash working when used in hunting season. Thinking also of converting lens to stay out on s600 so deer can't hear lens extend. Does anyone have the link to modify s600 lens to stay out? Happy New Year to everyone.
  2. Noblehunter

    First Fawn On Any Gamecam

    Maybe the pink pic is a girl thing(mother/fawn). lol Nice pic's
  3. Noblehunter

    Prayers For One Of Our Own

    Prayers sent for both members here for a full & speedy recovery.
  4. Noblehunter

    Got One At The Lease This Weekend

    Congrats, looks like you had to work some today.
  5. Noblehunter

    Target Buck

    Great buck. Hunt downwind or when he's chasing the does. Good luck.
  6. Noblehunter

    Some From Last Camera Check

    Cool Videos, I need to make one of these.
  7. Noblehunter


    adoramacamera has 4 pk eneloops for 10.49 shipped. Can be found on ebay & their website. Ebay history on item shows sold 150.
  8. Noblehunter

    It's Not The Ss2

    Possible to run board off of external batteries(from s600,p41,ect.)? Kinda like the push button on/off ideal also. Have only built a couple of cams with your sss board with on/off mounted inside. Would be handy on outside of case though.
  9. Noblehunter

    Age And Points

    At least a 2+ year old buck. Nice rack & hind quarters.
  10. Noblehunter


    Don't know about t-bird mail. But you can probably download microsoft live & get windows mail,free. More features than outlook express.
  11. Noblehunter

    Colts Vs Giants

    Anybody going to watch the game tonite? I know who'll win. MANNING
  12. Noblehunter

    Drooling Buck

    Not sure if drooling is from apple or not. Pic was from apple tree. Very few apples this year. Appears to have a growth on side of mouth. Here's another pic of buck.
  13. Noblehunter

    Drooling Buck

    Got a few pic's of this guy. This was the best pic.
  14. Noblehunter

    Decent 9

    Can't really tell by picture of antlers. That doe is making sure you're not up there to hurt her baby(not that you would). I got pic of one buck without velvet 2 days ago. Still some bucks with velvet.
  15. Noblehunter

    Test For New P32/simple Sniper

    Looks like it passed the test. Ready to get farther out in the field now.