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      Thanks to all who contributed, we collected just under $500.00. I sent a check Monday (8-7-2017) to his wife for $500.00 along with a card expressing Forums condolences. 


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  1. Hey guys, hadon't been on in a long time. My laptop decided to take a dump so I'm thinking about getting a tablet and would like to find a card reader that would read the Sony memory stick pro cards that would have a micro usb and work with a tablet. Any one know of one like that, or am I'm just gonna have to find a reader that will read the pro's and get an adapter to go from micro usb to usb? Thanks
  2. Thanks to all that PMed me! I found one. May be building another one before to long. A guy at work saw some sample pics.........
  3. Yea i figured now wouldnt be the greatest time to build one of these.
  4. Anyone have a good s600 they would be willing to part with? Got a buddy thats interested in going to homebrews since his commercial cam gave up the ghost. Doesnt have to be hacked, ill handle all that. Let me know what you have and what kind of price on it. Thanks.
  5. Found one! Hada old 35mm stealth cam and it was the same thing. Everything is good, well as good as a commercial cam can be. Glad i switched to homebrews........
  6. Well c-service at stealth cam.jus wants to sale me a refurbished cam. Says they have no parts. The fresnal i need needs to be about 1 3/4" tall. Anyone have any ideas?
  7. Im trying to repair a stealth cam stc-wd1 for a friend that a bear attacked. It needs a new fresnal lens and its bigger then anything i use on my homebrews. Anyone think they might have something usable? Im going to try stealth cam customer service later today but this a pretty old model.... Other than the fresnal having teeth holes in it everything else is fixable. Im gonna throw a 3d camo job on it with pipe thru on the outside for a cable lock. I bet it woulda had some good picks on it but somehow the bear stole the sd card.......
  8. The ss2 board is brand new. It was never put in a build. Hasnt even been powered on.....
  9. Yep.... Really only about $6 over if Gary is still shipping flat rate since I lowered the price to $60TYD..... Plus the w55 battery charger. One of the two batteries I had for it is bad so only one battery with it. Just getting rid of stuff Im not going to use, to round up money for the trigger I want for my AR.
  10. Dont forget that thats the s40 parts cam, w55 IR cam, w55 battery charger, and the ss2 board with fresnal for $65TYD. But only one w55 battery instead of the two that are in the picture because the other is no good. The s40 worked, when I got it just the scrape method hack went wrong.
  11. Yes it was hacked for external power. What pictures i have taken with it looked good. I think the biggest problem with these were the focus on night pictures if you dont have a slave with it. bump for a good deal....and just as an FYI based on my experiences and for King's benefit .... Unless there is a cap mod done most W55's with the IR conversion have night focus issues if a slave flash is not used.... hopefully this helps ease the mind of potential buyers.... good luck, Joe Thanks Joe. Yeah my plans with camera was to stuff it and a slave in a 1040 but never got around to it. Figure ill sale this stuff and hold on to the slavemaster and slave flash. I havent opened the camera up myself so dont know anything on the flash cap. I see i have missed alot around here over the last few months with dealers and items changing hands. I see Gary is carrying the BF stuff and Ralph has the slaves. Lee
  12. Yes it was hacked for external power. What pictures i have taken with it looked good. I think the biggest problem with these were the focus on night pictures if you dont have a slave with it.