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    Traditional bow hunting, bass fishing, and my newest hobby of building trail cameras.
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    Everything must go!

    Hate to throw all this stuff out so $150.00 for it all!

    Everything must go!

    Will even entertain respectable offers
  3. Well starting to clean house and get ready for retirement. Selling everything I have. About 12 cams (600 and 380 mainly) some full builds and some needs hacked or work. Boards, cases, supplies, the works. It’s been fun but don’t use them anymore and figure somebody else could. Can’t figure posting pics so text me and I’ll send them to you. All in one lot for $275.00TYD. Thanks guys and good luck on your future endeavors. SOLD Mike

    Ohio Buck

    So do I! Hopefully real soon. He's really a nice buck. But I put the cam in that spot cause I wanted a pic of a bigger one in the area.

    My New "black Ops" Trailcam Build

    Now I see why you sold me the 1020!lol Thats the same build I'm building. Looks great.
  6. Since hunting with the stickbow mostly I'm cleaning out some of my guns. I saved the best for last. Heres what I got. -Rem. 700 ADL .300 win mag blued barrel and synt. stock -Leupold 4-12 mounted on top Comes with: -reloading .300 die -75 brass(50 new in bag) -75 bullets -38 already loaded shells Gun is in great condition! $650.00 plus shipping You can email me for pics at: rizkid@comcast.net Please,serious inquires only.

    Going For It! Store Is Open.

    Best of luck to you.

    Okay... If Bat Can Look For New Guns And Passthru -

    I as well grew up on a 30-30. Marlin lever action side eject. Still have it. Haven't shot it in a long time.Hmmmm...................

    Okay... If Bat Can Look For New Guns And Passthru -

    Sent you a PM. I have a Rem. 700 ADL in .300cal. w/4-12 Leopold that I might be interested in parting with. I also have the reloading dies for it. Email me at: rizkid@comcast.net
  10. I learned this one the hard way!
  11. STKBOW

    Camfest 2011 Jnne 3, 4 And 5th

    Hope you guys are having a good time. Just wanted to tell tweeds that I got my hoodie today. These are awesome!!! Thanks.
  12. STKBOW

    P41ir's 1010, Ssii

    Great looking builds.
  13. STKBOW

    Camfest 2011 Jnne 3, 4 And 5th

    Now I'm going to miss lasagna!!!! Man I sure wish I could be there.