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  1. peter

    New build

    Slick looking build!
  2. peter

    Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    I never met him, but through messages and posts over the last twelve years I feel like I knew him. He gave so much to this hobby and I learned so much from him. What a loss, I hope he rests in peace.
  3. peter

    Sony P41 Ir Mod

    Looks like you did a great job!
  4. Simply beautiful! What a wonderful build and fantastic documentation along the way. She's a beauty!
  5. peter

    Pre-elk Rut Videos

    Awesome video! looks like a fantastic spot with some serious activity thanks for sharing
  6. peter

    18650 Batteries

    If anyone finds a need for 18650's, I ended up purchasing protected 18650 batteries from: https://www.imrbatteries.com/
  7. Some of my deployed sj1000 video cameras take two UltraFire 18650 batteries for externals. The UltraFire 18650 batteries have a small tab on the + side and each fit very tightly into their own individual battery holder. I will be checking my cameras in a couple weeks but I buy more 18650 batteries to replace the ones in the camera and wouldn't want to get to my camera and have the battery not fit in the holder. I was looking at these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2x-GENUINE-PANASON...5283?rmvSB=true However, they don't have the tab on the plus side so I'm wondering if they will still work. They also don't have any type of protection circuit so I might opt for a different 18650 battery because I'll be running them until they are dead-unless the sj1000 camera stops drawing current below a certain voltage, in which case I wouldn't need a protection circuit (I think). If anyone knows a seller of genuine batteries with battery protection please let me know. Thanks in advance, Pete
  8. peter

    Hi Everyone

    Hello Hello!
  9. peter

    Bat's Health

    Thoughts and prayers go out to you. Stay strong!
  10. peter

    Big Bull 22 Points

    That is incredible!
  11. Wow..now THATS a deer. At least he didn't get to keep it! Beautiful trailcam pic.
  12. peter

    New Camera Trap Set

    Looks like a nice spot, maybe a cat or fox hunting the edge too!