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  1. HunterTom

    Dxg567/led Array/bigfoot Video Board

    Nova, Check out this link. (It is in the section of posts above your topic) http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=36580 Look at the second picture. I do not see the Power Common coming from your board to the camera. I see the Jumper from Power Common terminal going to the Bigfoot negative, but no wire going to the camera. That might be it. Where is your common from the camera going?
  2. HunterTom

    Revised Dxg 125 Bow Cam

    I ended up going in a different direction. See this thread. http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=51889 The plexiglass I bought at Menards. ---.093" thickness. They sell 8 x 10" sheets. The lens holder is from the exchangers I sold at one point a while ago. I did not look into the lens issue any further. With the hat mounted cam, I used a 808 #16 camera. Available on ebay. (be careful..there are counterfits and others versions that are no good.) I am sure they have revised this camera since then. A Mobius would also be a good choice. Visit this website for great reviews on cameras. He references place to buy from. http://www.techmoan.com/
  3. HunterTom

    Congratulations Bowgod

    Best wishes to the new young couple, Mr. & Mrs. Ron Fetzer!!! May your life together be full of joy and the pitter-patter of many new young feet running around the house. Now get back to building cameras!!!!!!
  4. Videos from DXG 125 in 1050 case: Night:
  5. For sale is a DXG 125 in a 1050 case. $175 tyd lower 48 states. It uses an AIO board and picaxe programming to control camera. I suggest buyer be proficient in picaxe so they can change the video length and delay settings. Set-up uses 7 lithium AA batteries. 7 batteries keep the voltage over 12 but under the limit of the AIO board. There is an HT exchanger with provides day color and night IR videos. The exchanger switched using an H Bridge circuit; not one of the driver/control boards that come with exchangers. The H Bridge switches the polarity of the wires to the exchanger, thus switching it extremely fast. I do not have a battery charger to provide with this setup. You do get a battery. Instead I will provide a carrying case. See picture. The set up uses HT proprietary PTSS (or whatever I called it) which connects the batteries to the board circuit when the case is closed. No wires to get caught in the case when closing. A crossover test wire is included so the camera can be operated on the open position. There is an external on/off switch. A 1/4-20 nut is mounted inside. This is used to connect your mounting bracket. (not included) A Velcro strap holds the camera in place.
  6. HunterTom

    Sony S40 Build

    Deer pics from 2010:
  7. S40 white flash with Yeti board in a 1040 case $ 80 tyd lower 48. Fast hack…meaning the shutter door is always open. External batteries ¼-20 nut for mounting Also has 4 foot strap for mounting around tree. External on/off switch Everyone once in a while I get a blurry picture. I am not sure why this happens. Maybe the shutter operates before the lens is fully extended. ??? Pictures from last summer at house:
  8. IR P32 in a small walmart box with Snapshot sniper board $ 90 tyd lower 48. Snapshot sniper board with Stereo plug connected to camera. IR lens mod using whitetail glass. External on/off switch Two mounting options are available: ¼-20 threaded hole in back. Also has 4 foot strap for going around a tree. The camera sits on a fixed shelf and faces the door of the box. There is padding under the camera. The two slots will hold 2 sets of AA batteries for external power. A wiring harness is included which connects these batteries to the camera. The camera has not been in the field the last 2 -3 years. It looks like the seal is getting to the point where it needs to be replaced soon. Or maybe just turned around as the top gets dirtier than the bottom. Pictures from last summer outside house. In night shots the white spots (other than the car) are reflections from street signs.
  9. HunterTom

    Dxg 125 Mic Question

    Yes, on the mic question. I have done that on a build. Works fine. Can't answer the battery question. Never used externals on a 125. The Li-Ion battery in a 125 is 3.7 volts. 3 Cs would be 4.5 volts. Maybe someone who has wires externals for a 125 will chime in. Good luck on build.
  10. HunterTom

    Gun Range Camera

    A few months back “axe3761” had a post questioning the use of WiFi to transmit pictures from a target to a shooting bench. The thought was that his eyes were not what they use to be and the old spotting scope was hard to see through. I know the feeling. http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=53931 I had mentioned he should look into the setups that the RC airplane people use. They transmit video from their planes back to the ‘pilot’. The pilots actually fly the plane as if they were inside the cockpit. I had an interest in this also so I put my money where my mouth was and built a gun range camera setup. I have seen units for sale that cost $550 and up…way up. Mine was under $100. Gun Range Camera Receiver. Connects to laptop. Camera and Transmitter (Behind fan) I used a 700 TVL CMOS camera with a 5.8 GHz transmitter and receiver. I set the camera and transmitter by the target and have the receiver back with me at the shooting bench. The receiver is connected to a laptop which displays the video image. Now when I shoot my 17 HMR and 223, I can see exactly and very clearly where the bullets hit. I can also record the video or take single snapshot pictures. The single pictures are useful for comparing a ‘before’ and ‘after’ shot. Take a snapshot, shoot, take another snapshot, then compare the two. Makes locating a bullet hole even easier when the target is getting full. I have not set it up at the gun range yet, but here are a few pictures from a set up near my house. At the bottom of the red line is a NO EXIT sign. It is 267 yard away from the receiver and laptop. I walked to the sign with my video unit and transmitter. This is a snapshot of the video display from laptop that was back at the house. I was about 3 feet from the sign and the letters are 5 inch tall. There is a slight blur because I was holding the video unit and did not have it stable. VLC pic I also have the ability to connect the transmitter to my Sony SR45, and the receiver to a monitor. The SR45 outputs a better video and has zoom, but since the transmitter/receiver only transmit at 600 TVL, I do not gain much. And I like the laptop so I can record or take single frame pictures. I think this is going to work great, especially on those days when the "heat haze" makes it hard to see with the spotting scope..
  11. HunterTom

    All In One Video Board ****new!

    How did these work out with your 'testers'? Give us an update.
  12. HunterTom

    Firefox Screen Size

    That seems to do what I want. Is there a way to make is 'across-the-board'? When is go to different website or open a new browser window, it reverts to original small size. I would like to make the size 'permanent", so that every time I open Firefox, it will be the size I choose.
  13. HunterTom

    Firefox Screen Size

    I have always used IE for my browser. Now that Homeland Security says to stay off of it since the is a major security problem, I have switched over to Firefox. With IE I was able to make everything on the screen bigger. A small button in the lower right of the screen allowed me to pick a percentage of 100% that I wanted the screen to be. I can not find that type of control with Firefox. I have used the Zoom feature in the View drop-down. It works, but when I change websites, the size reverts back to small. Anyone know how to make the screen bigger, so I can see what I am reading, and typing? Thanks. HT