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  1. New Jazz Build - 4 days to finish

    Good to know! Dipping the L/N would probably help in less scent.
  2. New Jazz Build - 4 days to finish

    Very nice, I don't recall anyone using it on l/n before, have to say it never crossed my mind.
  3. Hydro Dipping Cases

    Taping the edges of the film is something I have never heard of. I guess I always have been lucky with not smearing the pattern.
  4. Happy Easter

    You also Ken!
  5. Newest BH Driveway Alert

    So when you open a topic you don't see this?
  6. Newest BH Driveway Alert

    Nice job!
  7. Killin time with new builds

    Post up project 3 eyes!
  8. Killin time with new builds

    All I did was choose the red "circled area", on the attached photo, and find it in/on your computer and hit "open". Do this every time you want to add a photo. I believe this updated forum does auto downsizing.
  9. Killin time with new builds

    Great looking builds, so you did the hydro?
  10. Big Bertha

    Good luck. Do you normally set your videos for 3 minute record?
  11. Killin time with new builds

    Looking forward to the pix. After you get warmed up hope you give your 360* a try.
  12. Sambar hind

    I agree a great shot and I hope you didn't mind me editing the pix. Thanks for sharing.
  13. A Pair of Peregrines

    Always love your pix and blog observations. Good luck on you snow snake camera trap, can't wait to see if you are successful.
  14. Software driven analyzer

    I have quite a few years with the software driven analyzers on HD lead acid batteries and all of the battery manufactures now want us to use the old fashion load testers for determining warranty claims. Not sure if the lower voltage/amp batteries are different. I do know that clamp contact with the battery is critical, again speaking about HD lead acid battery. We had a substantial investment involved in these, it looks like these would be minimal invested.
  15. Nifty New Charger

    $84 on Amazon, not all that bad of a price. Sure covers a wide range of batteries.