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  1. Badgerbuckhunter

    Backyard Fox Captured On GoPro Hero HD

    Very nice setup great videos thanks for sharing!
  2. Badgerbuckhunter

    Auto on camera

    It is sad, but keep it up, I like what your doing. I wish you lived closer!
  3. Badgerbuckhunter

    Along the Trail

    As always Woddy great pictures and just as important the info you include. That bobcat looks awful thin?
  4. Badgerbuckhunter

    Finished up latest build - Sony W30 w/ Slave

    I don't get to play around much with the new forum, so I added it to several posts to see how it all works, so it will appear several times on this thread.
  5. Badgerbuckhunter

    Finished up latest build - Sony W30 w/ Slave

    Provided by Bulltalk.65 thanks George for the info. IR lens hack Sony W30 w50 and W55.pdf
  6. Badgerbuckhunter

    Finished up latest build - Sony W30 w/ Slave

  7. Badgerbuckhunter


    Try shutting down your phone or whatever device that is not showing it and bring it back up.
  8. Badgerbuckhunter


    I am not sure if this is what everyone sees, but the top right corner has an envelope, which is the messages.
  9. Badgerbuckhunter

    2018 firearms buck

    Congrats nice buck!
  10. Badgerbuckhunter

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my Hags friends........

    Thank you Vic and the same to all.
  11. Badgerbuckhunter

    Bears Being Bears

    As always great videos. I always read your blog and have learned a lot over the years. I want to comment on deer eating mushrooms. I live in prime morel mushroom grounds and rarely find any and believe the deer get to them before I do . I have a few videos of them eating mushrooms over the years and people are always fascinated when shown.
  12. Badgerbuckhunter

    Paradise Fire

    Stay safe! It is crazy! How likely is it to come your way.? Any relief in site?
  13. Badgerbuckhunter

    Crazy Video on my Jazz HDV159 test cam

    Cool saw the deer at the beginning. How far was the fires from the cams? Lucky the officials let you go up.
  14. Badgerbuckhunter

    Winter Tires

    Should work the trade-off will be noise and MPG.