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  1. Badgerbuckhunter

    Lithium-ion batteries

    Owen, good to see you check'n in, hope to see some pictures this year!
  2. Badgerbuckhunter

    Bucks out Back

    Interesting study on were they hide. I am not from Penn., but when exactly is hunting season, I didn't see it listed in the study findings.
  3. Badgerbuckhunter

    First attempt at YouTube

    Great video ! Beautiful animal.
  4. Badgerbuckhunter

    Been Offline

    Welcome back Kotter! Lol from the days of the wall phone and 15' curly cord.
  5. Badgerbuckhunter

    What a surprise

    Great video. Is that the gopro lens or did you replace it?
  6. Badgerbuckhunter

    GoPro backyard videos

    Cool setup what is powering the LED, 18650?
  7. Badgerbuckhunter


    How old are the old ones your looking fore?
  8. Badgerbuckhunter

    Dub my voice into a video

    Do you have Windows 10? If you do I found a free App that I started to use, very easy and basic and they have a bigger version for a small price, I will get if I like it. I will let you know the name later today when I get home. Tried finding it in the Microsoft app store, but see others that might work for free.
  9. Badgerbuckhunter

    Backyard Fox Captured On GoPro Hero HD

    Very nice setup great videos thanks for sharing!
  10. Badgerbuckhunter

    Auto on camera

    It is sad, but keep it up, I like what your doing. I wish you lived closer!
  11. Badgerbuckhunter

    Along the Trail

    As always Woddy great pictures and just as important the info you include. That bobcat looks awful thin?
  12. Badgerbuckhunter

    Finished up latest build - Sony W30 w/ Slave

    I don't get to play around much with the new forum, so I added it to several posts to see how it all works, so it will appear several times on this thread.
  13. Badgerbuckhunter

    Finished up latest build - Sony W30 w/ Slave

    Provided by Bulltalk.65 thanks George for the info. IR lens hack Sony W30 w50 and W55.pdf
  14. Badgerbuckhunter

    Finished up latest build - Sony W30 w/ Slave