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  1. Ben can you explain what you use the tinsel for.
  2. If I remember correctly you will have to take the board loose and pull it from the case with the wires connected to the batteries, so you can run the camera and adjust, you should be able to turn the lens.
  3. Make sure you don't have something close, tip of tree branch, tip of grass, that the auto focus is picking up on. Could even be edge of lens hole.
  4. Ok here it is! This should put us in the newest version with a stable format. It will take a while to get familiar with the new look. Please be patient, I am as new to this format as everyone else, so the answers maybe slow to your questions.
  5. If we are down, it will hopefully be only a short time, thanks for being patient. It will also have a new skin look to it. I am trying to salvage somehow a piece or pieces of the old look, this may not be immediate.
  6. It sounds to me this is a parts camera someone put together and sold as a non working camera. Whenever I bid on something non working I always look at the sellers feedback and see what they have bought or sold in the past.
  7. Very nice hope you can post some pix taken from it.
  8. Always like your camera placement and subjects. I never knew that turtles are out and about when snow is still on the ground.
  9. That's funny, good luck!
  10. Great news, keep it up.
  11. Stay strong Befus, good luck and check-in as soon as you can.
  12. Hope you can tip a couple. H/B
  13. Thanks George for checking in and a great build. Hope your treatments go well, let us know how your doing. How's the reservoir holding up? Are you still in the area to worry about it? Take care John
  14. Did they use to work or did you just get these from someone. Sounds like power and shutter wires turned around.
  15. Grasshopper leg, Sandstone pix, gopher, whitetail, ducks swimming, bobcat, flying squirrel, marsh scene, whitetail buck, cardinal, squirrel, That's my guess and not because the photo quality, but because of the pose/action within the photo! Thanks for your posting.