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  1. Thanks for the review. What size and best price?
  2. Thanks BMC, here is the link to his obituary. Sad news indeed! Kenneth Dorner Obituary (1955 - 2020) - Green Bay Press-Gazette (legacy.com)
  3. Wow, so many questions to ask. Usually when the camera has batteries in it, you plug external in it bypasses the camera batteries! What voltage doe the camera run?
  4. We had to do an upgrade again. Things look the same but maybe slightly different. Also may have a couple temp. shutdowns to work bugs out.
  5. Along with wishing everyone a prosperous and healthy New Years, I want to finally make the announcement and let everyone know that I (Badgerbuckhunter) have the Keys to Hag’s House website and am responsible for it. A little history on the ownership of this site. Dan (Hags) started this site about 10 years ago and had it until about 3 years ago in which time Chris (212) had the keys until August of this year. Hags created a website that has a very solid foundation and is still very solid today and is a much respected as a Trail Camera Forum. So what is going to change? It is my in
  6. I have a plotmaster for rent, for residence of S. Central Wisconsin. Here is the website for more information on plotmaster if you are not familiar with them. Link The unit I have is the Plotmaster 400. The pricing will be as follows: $85.00 a day or $75.00 for multiple days. We also offer a service to plant your plot for you. Email me for pricing and other questions, concerns, and reserve dates.
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