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  1. 6 hours ago, buckhuntertrailcam said:

    So rather than post a new topic l shall simply ask here (I have asked before), On the top right corner of this screen there was the number 1 in a little red square, I assume it is a notification of a message? It has been there for weeks. In the past couple of days it changed to 2, I have tried to tap on it, hold my finger on it but nothing. I would like to know if it is a problem with this site or me, thanks all.

    Can you provide a screen shot. 

  2. I am not sure if it is the card, I almost believe it has more to do with your computer. If you never shut down your computer, I would recommend it. When shutting down don't select "shutdown and restart" select "shutdown" Another thing is make sure you format your cards before using and format them with the Jazz and also get used to selecting "eject" before removing the card from your reader.

  3. I use several and this is the most recent, they are touting it as a great predictor for best time to hunt. They are offering it free this year and will charge next year for it. I have just installed it and will be hunting soon with it and see how accurate it is. Check it out DeerCast  from Drury Outdoors.

    I use several others and will list and describe in the near future.

  4. If you bought in 2015 sell it and reap your reward. I won't have anything to do with it and here are my concerns:

    1)  Nothing to back it up, except people continuing buying into it. Classic Ponzi style investment.

    2) Zero accountability.

    3)  Countries are now restricting or outlawing use of it.

    4) Whats to say another does not appear with better uses, backing, etc. and people flock to that currency. 

    5) I don't totally understand it and even the experts concede that it has some growing pains to work out.

    The list goes on!