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  1. Very elusive animal to get ! I noticed my woodchuck population getting smaller the last couple years. Badger2.jpg.mp4
  2. Badgerbuckhunter

    Just checking on everyone/stay safe

    Ohhhh its coming Tinhorn!
  3. Badgerbuckhunter

    Just checking on everyone/stay safe

    Doing good here, getting a lot of work done in the yard. Retired in January and if I would have known this was going to happen I would have stayed working. Stay safe and Happy Easter everyone. Picture of custom made mask the wife made with Hepa filter.
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    BullTalk - not Lately

    Thanks for checking in, hoping you have more good days soon!
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    Happy New Year

    Back @ you all!
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    TC-360 with Duel SJ1000 Camera

    Hey TC, impressive as always. Nice buck hope you had a chance to hunt him. I am retiring in January and bought the "Insta 360 one x" camera and have been playing around with it. Want to crack it open and see if we can control it, probably would be a white light build. Check out the youtube videos it is a cool camera. Merry Christmas and Happy New year!
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    Airborn cottontail

    Nice one Owen. Happy Holidays to you and fam,!
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    My New Ride

    Nice, is this an aftermarket acc.? If it is details pleeze!
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all

    Back at you all!
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    1st Buck for 2019

    Congrats nice deer!
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    Sad news from Yetinme

    Mark publicly announced on his F/B page that his daughter Kaylinn passed away in a car crash. Mark took some time off from here to raise his kids and he coaches Kaylinn and her brothers Trap Team and she has done verywell with her trap shooting. Very sad and prayers to all involved! https://www.tmj4.com/news/local-news/family-friends-remember-cousins-killed-in-whitewater-crash?fbclid=IwAR0lC3BGVw5qBVtQ8wKkrczu1eEUCcu4NLM8djbWtrJNSlhNljYYvOCB9ME
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    A few pics - w/comm cams

    Love the bears and cougar, love the area you have them set at. Good to see you out and about!
  13. Badgerbuckhunter

    Wet circuit boards?

    It is a solenoid, probably used to turn the power on to the board. I see a lot of corrosion on the board and components. I would hose it down good and use a tooth brush and scrub the components, then re-spray and wipe components down with paper towel. Rubber components might not react well with the wd-40 so avoid those areas or cover with paper towels.
  14. Badgerbuckhunter

    Wet circuit boards?

    Hi Owen, Hope your ok! This board looks old school and the following procedure is one we use at work for equipment that sits outside. Use wd40 it displaces water and will leave an oil coating, helping prevent corrosion. The center object on the board looks like a solenoid of some sort, I would be suspicious and make extra sure it is dry inside. I would also unhook the motors and run them manually before letting it run through the circuit board, also run the chair without you in it in case the solenoid sticks. Good luck.
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    Lithium-ion batteries

    Owen, good to see you check'n in, hope to see some pictures this year!
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    Bucks out Back

    Interesting study on were they hide. I am not from Penn., but when exactly is hunting season, I didn't see it listed in the study findings.
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    First attempt at YouTube

    Great video ! Beautiful animal.
  18. Badgerbuckhunter

    Been Offline

    Welcome back Kotter! Lol from the days of the wall phone and 15' curly cord.
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    What a surprise

    Great video. Is that the gopro lens or did you replace it?
  20. Badgerbuckhunter

    GoPro backyard videos

    Cool setup what is powering the LED, 18650?
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    Hag's House Ownership

    Along with wishing everyone a prosperous and healthy New Years, I want to finally make the announcement and let everyone know that I (Badgerbuckhunter) have the Keys to Hag’s House website and am responsible for it. A little history on the ownership of this site. Dan (Hags) started this site about 10 years ago and had it until about 3 years ago in which time Chris (212) had the keys until August of this year. Hags created a website that has a very solid foundation and is still very solid today and is a much respected as a Trail Camera Forum. So what is going to change? It is my intention to leave the site pretty much as it has been. I am looking at updating the site and make it more mobile friendly, I don’t own a mobile devise myself, but others do and have expressed a need for it, and I will be asking for some help with this matter. What I don’t want to change is the brother/sister hood that this site has. I very much appreciate the paying forward type of help going on here it says volumes for the membership here. I also hope that more people get involved in other activities like we have seen recently with the Christmas Exchange, Charity Auction, Photo Contest, Cam fests, etc. These were a great success and I want to thank the guys who organized them and also the members that participated. Let’s all have a great 2013 ! John
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    How old are the old ones your looking fore?
  23. Badgerbuckhunter

    Dub my voice into a video

    Do you have Windows 10? If you do I found a free App that I started to use, very easy and basic and they have a bigger version for a small price, I will get if I like it. I will let you know the name later today when I get home. Tried finding it in the Microsoft app store, but see others that might work for free.
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    Backyard Fox Captured On GoPro Hero HD

    Very nice setup great videos thanks for sharing!