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  1. New Jazz Build - 4 days to finish

    Good to know! Dipping the L/N would probably help in less scent.
  2. New Jazz Build - 4 days to finish

    Very nice, I don't recall anyone using it on l/n before, have to say it never crossed my mind.
  3. Hydro Dipping Cases

    Taping the edges of the film is something I have never heard of. I guess I always have been lucky with not smearing the pattern.
  4. Happy Easter

    You also Ken!
  5. Newest BH Driveway Alert

    So when you open a topic you don't see this?
  6. Newest BH Driveway Alert

    Nice job!
  7. Killin time with new builds

    Post up project 3 eyes!
  8. Killin time with new builds

    All I did was choose the red "circled area", on the attached photo, and find it in/on your computer and hit "open". Do this every time you want to add a photo. I believe this updated forum does auto downsizing.
  9. Killin time with new builds

    Great looking builds, so you did the hydro?
  10. Big Bertha

    Good luck. Do you normally set your videos for 3 minute record?
  11. Killin time with new builds

    Looking forward to the pix. After you get warmed up hope you give your 360* a try.
  12. Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    I received very sad news today and want to let everyone know about the death of a longtime member "212" Chris Warden of Hags House. Below is a partial note I received from his brother this morning. Anyone who knew Chris appreciated the help he would offer to its membership, including myself. Recent new members will find lots of very detailed posts on various builds he did and most helpful was the troubleshooting he was able to do, solving lots of problems for us along the way. R.I.P. my friend and heartfelt condolences to his wife Peggy and the entire Warden Family. Hi, this is Chris 212's little brother Chuck. Chris passed away last week. He had been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer which had already spread to his bronchial tubes. He knew the odds were slim and decided not to go through treatment. Chris and Peggy had been told he would last 2 to 4 months but he held out over à year and died at home. His wishes are to be cremated and to have his ashes buried under à pine tree at his house outside La Vernia,TX. I asked Peggy and she Said it would be ok if I informed this forum of his passing. I do feel it would be better if a regular member did that. I live in Sweden and was planning à trip here in september but came as fast as I could. Chris just got too worse too fast. Take care. Henry C Warden
  13. Sambar hind

    I agree a great shot and I hope you didn't mind me editing the pix. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    Very sad news for HagsHouse and the country, the Church mass shooting that happened today, was Peggy Wardens Church. She was one of the people killed today. Her grandson was shot in the arm and is in surgery and is expected to survive. We lost Chris about 3 months ago and now Peggy, I can only say they are together now. Lets keep her and her grandson in our thoughts and prayers. I will keep everyone updated as I get information.
  15. A Pair of Peregrines

    Always love your pix and blog observations. Good luck on you snow snake camera trap, can't wait to see if you are successful.
  16. Software driven analyzer

    I have quite a few years with the software driven analyzers on HD lead acid batteries and all of the battery manufactures now want us to use the old fashion load testers for determining warranty claims. Not sure if the lower voltage/amp batteries are different. I do know that clamp contact with the battery is critical, again speaking about HD lead acid battery. We had a substantial investment involved in these, it looks like these would be minimal invested.
  17. Nifty New Charger

    $84 on Amazon, not all that bad of a price. Sure covers a wide range of batteries.
  18. S600 White Screen

    If you do be very careful the spring wires that connect with the cable are finer than frog hairs and are easy to bend. I would look at the connector on the board with a magnify glass and make sure they are all intack.
  19. From the Cave

    Great blog Woody, love the blog on the Hickory Nuts, we had a large number of wormy ones this year. They are the best tasting nut for baking.
  20. Under Water

    No a our standard PIR system will not work.
  21. couple P32 pics

    Welcome back and great pix hard to beat the 32 & 41
  22. Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    A very nice article about Peggy and her Grandson.
  23. s600 flash replacement

    I believe the S600 needs the screen turned off or it will miss the shutter signal.
  24. Deer hunters in New York might soon ban Deer Urine

    Interesting, I have never heard of this and we are here in the middle of this battle in Wisconsin. Thanks for sharing!
  25. Tapatalk

    The site change has gone well as far as I know. I have had one question about the "Message" feature and hope that is straightened out. We also are dealing with "Russian Hacking" yes you heard correctly, it's not just politics, I will leave it at that. We seem to be able to catch everything so far, just help out and don't be afraid to mark strange postings as "Spam" . Ok we have installed "Tapatalk" now that the site seems to be running trouble free. You can find it : Hag's House - I had to come up with a description fast and this is what I came up with: "Custom built DIY game cameras and electronic game accessories." If someone else has a better description please share, we can have up to 140 characters.