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    Moose Video

    I'm a little late to reply, but only just saw this; That's quality footage! Is that shot with the Sony HC7 you're using, if i may ask? I sure will be following your blog!

    More Pigs!

    15! Nice catch!

    Merry Christmas!

    And a Merry Christmas to all from the Netherlands!

    My First Wolf Picture

    OR he was walking backwards... Nice pic!

    Same Old Question

    Yep, i think leaks are seriously the worst thing we might have to deal with when building our cams... I still have my p41/1020 setup that i built 10 months(!) ago laying here at the table, and i haven't been able to put it out even once, since whatever i tried it just wouldn't pass the dunk test, or even a shower test. I wish i could try one of those neoprene seals to see if that'll do but i can't have it shipped to my location. I guess i'll have to start looking weird like 35whelen and try out some lunch boxes

    Badger Pics P41 And Sss Board

    Great, interesting pics

    Please Help

    That's alright Bowman, i appreciate your replies and thoughtfulness It's really not that bad since the p41's around here are around the 15-20 dollar mark, as long as you can find one for sale (which seems to be a little more difficult). It's just that i was happy i finally had it all together and could give it to my dad, then this stuff happens But yeah, these things happen! Thanks for your input guys!

    P32 Settings?

    Date time....on Red eye reduction....off AF illuminator....off power save.....off Beep.....off Focus .... infinity Iso....auto Pic quality....fine flash level....normal camera on program

    Please Help

    Thank you for your replies! I did try to pull the tabs a little, to no avail unfortunately. Then i went to just check everything again, and it seems Bowman is right... inside the back case there is a small dent in the ribbon cable connector, probably caused by pushing against the SA while closing the camera, and it seems to have damaged a couple of the tiny little pins Not knowing if this could actually be causing the error, i still tried to get them back into place under a microscope, but they're just too small to get it done, and finally i managed to break the small black clip that holds the ribbon cable.... So i guess i'll just have to try and find a new p41 somewhere. Here's a pic of the dent in the connector:

    Please Help

    So a while ago i finally got all the parts together to make my dad a P41-SS build. Now i have been working on it and finally had everything done, just needed to put some camo tape on..so i made some test pictures, and noticed the pics were a little blurry/out of focus. The close-ups were really sharp but just everything a little furter was blurry I really never noticed this before, so i really don't know what happened. I looked it up on here and read it might need some shimming...so i opened up the cam as always, but then decided to do it when i have a little more time... I put it back together...and now it just won't power up anymore When i press the reset button, and then try to power up the green light on top will just go on and off once real quick, but then it won't do anything untill i press reset again and the same happens. I tried several different batteries (including some brand new charged eneloops), but nothing happens. I already removed the SA, refitted all the little plugs, nothing seems to work. Is there anything i can try to get this cam working again?? Alex

    Real Deal Hc

    I have the exact same problem! I thought it had something to do with one of the mods needing to verificate any new member before they're able to read or post anything.
  12. Nice pictures! I like the blue jay