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  1. brl

    Another Picaxe A503

    That would explain why it looks so real! Thanks for the tip I'll have to try that!
  2. brl

    Another Picaxe A503

    Nice work! How do you get your 3d molds to look so perfect? I tried the silicone/liquid nails and failed pretty bad. Any tips? Thanks Brian
  3. brl

    P52 Camera?

    Just put my order in for 5 SA's and a couple others things! (I don"t want Firemanjim to yell at me again ) My oldest boy turns 6 Jan. 10th so I'm going to make this camera for him for his birthday. I will most likely have questions in the near future. Thanks, Brian
  4. brl

    P52 Camera?

    212 yes I am a tightwad! I was just going to try and do it this weekend now that I'm going to have some time to myself (boys are going to her mothers and she is going shopping.) I'll just order up some and a few other things! And keep plugging away at the picaxe stuff! Or take apart some old electronic stuff Brian
  5. brl

    P52 Camera?

    Hi all! Is there another way to hack this camera without using a sutter assembly? Thanks, Brian
  6. Here is the link http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?...c=26318&hl=
  7. brl

    Big 8 Down!

    That is an awesome animal! Congrats
  8. brl

    New Buck.

    Nice one for sure! It would look even better with you kneeling behind it holding up his head
  9. Ok got some better pics and a story! My dad meet up with my good buddy at 5:00am this morning to head into this piece, goes to get his bow and finds out he forgot it at home Heads back to get it and gets into stand just after 6:00am and puts some tinks 69 out 20 yards infront of him. At 7:13am this guy heads in on a full run headed to the tinks . He draws back, deer sees him and stops 15 yards quartering to him and he let it fly! He got one lung and the liver and ran 120 yards and it was all over. The maine skull and antler guy that happened to be at the tagging station said if this isn't one of the top three deer shot in the state this year he would be very surprised. Brian
  10. Thanks everyone! I am heading over to see it now! I'll post some better pics later.
  11. Got a call this morning from my dad and he was as excited as I have ever heard him. He is 63 and this is his biggest deer yet and he got it with his 15 year old jennings buckmaster bow. It should go Maine skull and antler. 200lbs 23" spread and a good bit of junk. I'm so happy for him. I'll post more pics as I get them. Brian
  12. I thought I would add this here. I have been doing some reading and looking around and found this. I'm sure most of you have seen it but if not maybe it will spark some interest. Once I have picaxe under control I may have to place another order just because I like to abuse myself! Brian http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/docs/axe210.pdf
  13. brl

    Camera Control Board

    Wow nevermind. I'm blind! I got it sorry. Brian