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  1. bigbassmann

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year
  2. bigbassmann

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Vic and everyone else here on Hag's House.
  3. bigbassmann

    TC-360 with Duel SJ1000 Camera

    Nice to see you back around Roger, hope all is well with you and your family. That TC360 build is still working great. Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
  4. bigbassmann

    Pope & Young #6 ........scored again

    What a great buck. Congrats bud.
  5. bigbassmann

    Sony S600

    Nice photo Bill. The S600 still remains one of the all time favorites for trail cameras.
  6. Here's a few daytime videos I had on a GoPro Hero2 that I am testing for Trevor (buckhuntertrailcam) using the Safari Camera Controller with Amplified Audio Backpacker. Safari board was set to Day Only Videos in Feeder Mode which shoots around 37 second clips with a 1 minute delay between activations.
  7. bigbassmann

    New build

    I guess not. I had both time and date set and only the date is imprinted on the photos.
  8. bigbassmann

    New build

    This is a new build that I completed last week for Jeremi up north in Canada using a Sony WX220 which is a 18.2 megapixel point and shoot camera. He sent me the camera to see if I could hack it and if it would make a good trail camera. The setup has 2 wireless slave flashes, camera side has 6 AAs for camera externals, Safari Camera Controller with Flash Backpacker powered by 3 AAs as well as the transmitter for the wireless slave flashes. Camera was set to Program mode, Fill Flash and ISO 200. I had the camera and flashes set out for 4 nights over some corn as bait to see how it all worked. I positioned the wireless slave flashes so they would be in the shots so I could make sure they were actually firing.
  9. bigbassmann


    My thoughts and prayers are with you George. You have an amazing positive attitude for a guy that's been through so much already, keep that working in your favor my friend.
  10. bigbassmann

    De bugging

    Great footage Jonnie. That had me laughing.
  11. bigbassmann

    What a surprise

    I also have some night video footage I posted in case you haven't seen that.
  12. bigbassmann

    What a surprise

    This is a real GoPro Hero HD1. The Hero 2 also works great as a trail camera. You can usually pick them up on eBay for cheap since they are old models. Both are easy to hack for external power and external microphone and uses a bus port connector to activate the Power/Mode button for starting and stopping video. If have a video posted on the hack of these models:
  13. bigbassmann

    First attempt at YouTube

    Great video Jonnie, the amped sound is awesome.
  14. bigbassmann

    Been Offline

    Sometimes I think back to the days of the old wall phone with 15' curly cord, stretching it as far as I could into the hallway to talk to a girlfriend in somewhat privacy and wish were back to those days. Then I wake up and wonder what the heck was I thinking about. LOL
  15. bigbassmann

    What a surprise

    Stock lens