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  1. bigbassmann

    Dub my voice into a video

    I use Windows Movie Maker for stitching clips together like I did with the Backyard Fox I just posted. Movie Maker has an option to add narration to clips. I'm sure other editing software would have that option as well.
  2. bigbassmann

    Backyard Fox Captured On GoPro Hero HD

    No videos of the fox during the daylight hours.
  3. bigbassmann

    Backyard Fox Captured On GoPro Hero HD

    The light or lights can be placed quite some distance away. out to 40 feet or more. That's what I assume you are referring to.
  4. I was fortunate enough to get some good video footage of this fox coming to bait I had placed in front of my GoPro Hero HD camera trap with an 18watt LED wireless array. Turn up your volume and adjust the resolution to the highest setting.
  5. bigbassmann

    Happy New Year 2019

    Happy New Year.
  6. bigbassmann

    GoPro Herp HD with wireless array test

    Ken, some guys need to come out of retirement but they just don't realize it. My job is to give them a little encouragement and a nudge in the right direction. LOL
  7. This is a compilation of GoPro Hero HD trail camera footage using a wireless light array system for the night time videos. All of the videos were 1 minute 10 seconds long but I shortened most to reduce the time of the video compilation in the link below. I have been testing the wireless array system to determine if it will work as intended and so far it is working great. The light I am using is a 12 volt 18 watt LED array that is intended for use on off road vehicles and I am powering the light with four 18650 batteries. Last year I was using the same GoPro trail camera with 2 of the 18 watt lights but the lights were attached to the camera using a cable made up of about a 12 foot length of 16 gauge speaker wire and waterproof connectors to attach the cables to the camera case and the light cases and that system worked really great but limits positioning of the lights. It is also prone to animals possibly getting tangled in the cables and tearing down the lights and camera. With the wireless light system, light positioning is no longer limited by cable length and no worries about possible damage because of animals getting entangled in the wires or chewing through them. Although during this testing I had the light positioned about 1 foot above the camera, I have tested the light at various distances from the camera case transmitter and it was triggering consistently out to 30 feet and more. More than one light can be used with this setup but each light will require a receiver and a small pcb that has a latching relay. I will be making another video in the near future that shows all of the equipment that I am using for this GoPro video trail cam setup which will include the transmitter and receiver that is used and the pcb relay board that I made and how it all needs to be wired up to make this wireless system work. I will likely get some boards made up that will have the relay mounted along with a screw terminal for attaching the wires needed for the light array and will have those available in the near future on my website if anyone is interested in using this light system. Many thanks to Dan Potter for his help in making this wireless lighting system possible. For the test videos I had the camera mounted on a stand I made using a section of 4x4 post. The camera was placed about 10-12 feet from the bait and the light was positioned about 1 foot above the camera. Various scrap food items were used as bait as well as a mineral block in the hopes of attracting whitetail deer but all I was able to entice was an opossum, a cat and a couple of raccoons during this test session. The camera used is an old model GoPro Hero HD that can shoot in 1080p, the internal microphone was removed from the camera and I added an electret mic that is soldered to wires which were then soldered to the internal mic wire locations. this allows the electret mic to be routed through a hole in the camera case for outdoor audio capture. The camera and light system is controlled using the Safari Camera Controller with a Mosfet Backpacker.
  8. bigbassmann

    Picaxe 14m Slave Controller

    Wow!!! A simple little resistor mistake caused you all that headache but glad you finally got it figured out and it is working for you.
  9. This should clear up your problems with viewing topics. Seems there is a problem with the Rough Country background theme.
  10. bigbassmann

    Old topics "throwing an error"

    I was getting the same thing. Also says 'This theme may be out of date.' Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on THEME then select DEFAULT. That should clear it up. The ROUGH COUNTRY Theme apparently has an issue.
  11. bigbassmann

    Photobucket photos

    I was doing a little browsing through old posts and noticed that pictures I had posted in the past using Photobucket are back online now. Did Photobucket finally realize that no one was going to pay the $400 per year they were asking? Good to see lost content back on the forum.
  12. bigbassmann

    Question for the "Board builders and Suppliers

    I keep several copies of my work. It would be a disaster if I were to lose all that information.
  13. bigbassmann


    Photobucket is the worst. I lost a lot of pics on here and other sites that I had posted of camera and slave flash hacks I have done. One of these days when I really have some spare time I will try to update the photos using another site such as Flickr but not sure if I will ever be able to get them all reposted. I don't have an Instagram account but may have to open one.
  14. bigbassmann

    Crypto currency

    I have never even heard of it so I guess to answer your question, No, I will not be accepting it. I am a bit of a country bumpkin and don't get out much so what do I know.