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  1. Lousy Hogs

    Looks like good eating to me. Thin out a few more and fill your freezer with pork.
  2. What's happened to all the smaller SD cards?

    Try this link Trevor
  3. Been a long time coming

    Way to go. Can't believe you spent 10 years working on and off on getting it going, I would have given up long before that. Chris was an inspiration to so many of us in the hobby, we miss him for sure.
  4. Newest BH Driveway Alert

    Great job on getting that to work for you. Harbor Freight has several item numbers for those driveway alerts. The one you have isn't the ones I use, I always look at the box and find the ones with item number 93068. Even though they are surface mount design they still have the old style receiver module that I remove and use on my own receiver board with only a couple of resistors, a ceramic capacitor and a decoder chip. It can be powered by 4.5v, same power supply that goes to the control board. The receiver boards I use are 7/8" x 1 3/4"
  5. Big Bertha

    Good luck with it Jonnie, I hope it works out for you. I bought a couple of the 36 watt flood lights for my GoPro and tested one of them running on four 18650 batteries. The 18650s didn't hold up for long (less than 12 one minute videos) so I was thinking of trying a 12 volt 7.2 amp hour SLA that I have.
  6. Sambar hind

    Nice photo Trevor.
  7. 4K Action Cam

    I believe the DXG 125 code is what was used. I guess I deleted the code from my files by mistake but I am pretty sure I increased the time needed between power up until starting to record and increased the time the power button is held for it to shut off. Perhaps Jonnie will be kind enough to post the code.
  8. 4K Action Cam

    Looks good Jonnie. Glad you are making progress on your new project.
  9. GoPro Hero HD trail cam

    I am sure you could work out a way to mount it to the camera case but you will need a case large enough to accommodate the power supply for the array also.
  10. GoPro Hero HD trail cam

    Jonnie, these are the lights I am currently using I have some 36 watt lights ordered to see how they work. During my testing I got about 1 hr 40 minutes run time ( each video was 73 seconds so approximately 82 nighttime videos) on the four 18650 Ultra Fire batteries that are running the light and about 3 hours run time on the GoPro battery with 3 AA Tenergy externals for a total of about 148 videos.
  11. GoPro Hero HD trail cam

    Thanks Daryl, hope to see some videos from your build before long. The batteries I have are Ultra Fire 5000 mAh.
  12. These are a few videos from my GoPro Hero HD trail cam build with 2 18 watt Cree flood light arrays.
  13. 4K Action Cam

    I am pretty sure that you will need a specific code for it that keeps the power wires connected long enough for the camera to power off. I can't write code for the Bigfoot boards but maybe some of the other guys can or you can check with Gary to see if he would be willing/have time to do the code for you. I have looked at these cameras several times and thought about trying one but wasn't sure what the quality would be so opted for a GoPro instead. Sounds like this camera operates pretty much the same as the GoPro.
  14. Moultrie flash extender external power

    Yep, I failed to mention that, it could be 2 sets of 4 wired parallel. Good call Johnny.
  15. Moultrie flash extender external power

    If the external flashes use 8 AA batteries then that would be 12v, not 9v. I see no reason why you couldn't use a 12v SLA if you have indeed been running them on 8 AA batteries.