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    Sony Dcs S700?

    Anybody use this camera for trail cam or hack?? From what I can see it is the newer version of the S600. Should be the same hack- no?? Just wondering as there seems to be alot of them around for cheap. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Would like to buy a couple of S600s. Thanks.
  3. I want solar power capabilty......price is no concern and where I live we get lots of sun but is cold as hell....near Alaska. Thanks again
  4. Homebrew Newbie here: For guys running the solar panels what boards are you running? My yeti board needs 6-15v to run I believe and is run with a 9 volt battery while my cam runs off the usual AA batts. I want my board and camera to run off rechargable batts which are charged with a solar panel. Are any boards powered with the standard 1.5 V Batteries like AA,C,Ds? Or are any board and camera setups using single power source? This is ideally what I would want - 1 rechargable power source hooked up with solar panel.Thanks, Lorne
  5. Just built first P32 cam with yeti board and am looking to build more. Before I do I would really like to get a solar panel set up with rechargable batteries to power the board and camera. Somebody must have done this or is doing this. As far as I am concerned this is the only way to go for long lasting life in our cold canadian climate. Thanks for any info!