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      Thank you note   08/24/2017

      I receive this thank you note from Peggy Warden  Mr. Stadler,  I didn’t post this under announcements, but you can if you want.  Thank you very much for sending the card, money and letting the members know about Chris’s death.  The members on Hagshouse are a special group of guys.  I knew that you all have really big hearts from past experiences when I was helping with charity auctions, etc. But I didn’t know what to say when I got a card with a $500.00 check because Chris had been inactive for a good while now.  Thank you all for the money and the kind words that were written about him on the website.  It was a great comfort for our family to read through each post.  It is just amazing that guys, most of whom I have never met in person, hundreds of miles away, reach out to help with prayers and money.  Chris and I were very thankful for being able to have come to know allot of you through e-mail and phone conversations, being part of your website and running the store.  Life without Chris is the hardest thing in life that I have ever had to do, but it sure does make it easier to bear with friends like you.  There has got to be a big meeting place reserved up in heaven where all the Hagshouse guys get together.  God bless you all!  Sincerely, Peggy Warden P.S.  Chris had signed me up with the Hagshouse member name of “Methuselah”.  As some of you may know, Methuselah was the oldest person in the Bible.  Lol!  He did have a sense of humor.
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      Tapatalk   09/02/2017

      Please see posting in "Cabin" I need your help.


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  1. Sony Dcs S700?

    Anybody use this camera for trail cam or hack?? From what I can see it is the newer version of the S600. Should be the same hack- no?? Just wondering as there seems to be alot of them around for cheap. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Would like to buy a couple of S600s. Thanks.
  3. I want solar power capabilty......price is no concern and where I live we get lots of sun but is cold as hell....near Alaska. Thanks again
  4. Homebrew Newbie here: For guys running the solar panels what boards are you running? My yeti board needs 6-15v to run I believe and is run with a 9 volt battery while my cam runs off the usual AA batts. I want my board and camera to run off rechargable batts which are charged with a solar panel. Are any boards powered with the standard 1.5 V Batteries like AA,C,Ds? Or are any board and camera setups using single power source? This is ideally what I would want - 1 rechargable power source hooked up with solar panel.Thanks, Lorne
  5. Just built first P32 cam with yeti board and am looking to build more. Before I do I would really like to get a solar panel set up with rechargable batteries to power the board and camera. Somebody must have done this or is doing this. As far as I am concerned this is the only way to go for long lasting life in our cold canadian climate. Thanks for any info!