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  1. k80shooter

    Gadestroyer74 Rattle Snake Bitten

    Hang tough Brian, it will get better.
  2. k80shooter

    New Camper ;-)

    Nice deal! Never thought of useing an old truck wheel as a fire ring.
  3. k80shooter

    Gadestroyer74 Rattle Snake Bitten

    Take care Brian, I hope everything works out ok for you.
  4. k80shooter

    Gadestroyer74 Rattle Snake Bitten

    Last update from GON website 7:45pm "!!update!! Brians doing good still has some test to run it bit him on his right calf he is stable thank u for all your prayers "
  5. k80shooter

    Gadestroyer74 Rattle Snake Bitten

    Just thought I would pass this along, Gadestroyer74 was bitten by a rattle snake this morning. He is in ICU and being treated. I know several of you guy's know him, I saw this on another forum. http://forum.gon.com/showthread.php?t=713761
  6. k80shooter

    Happy Birthday Egbertdavis!

    Happy Birthday Ron, Hope it's a good one!
  7. k80shooter

    S600 Only 8.54 Shipping

    I've got a new one also, I cut the seal myself just to look inside. I could be talked into selling it just a tad lower than that one.
  8. k80shooter

    Cameraseesall(52), Firemanjim(43), Wv-outdoor(31)

    Happy birthday everyone.
  9. k80shooter

    Happy Birthday Treetop!

    Happy Birthday!!
  10. k80shooter

    Happy Birthday Jdh!

    Happy Birthday Johnny
  11. k80shooter

    Happy Birthday Ghoot

    Happy Birthday Gary! I hope you have a wonderful day.
  12. k80shooter

    Tv Opinions.... What's Yours?

    Bat you may also want to check out the Panasonic plasma tv's. I know they are not the newest thing going but one in say a 50 inch can be purchased at a very good price now days. I have both a Mitsubishi lcd and a Panasonic plasma and both of them have great pictures. Don't get caught up in all the hype about 1080 vs 720, either one has a really good pic. Do some research and enjoy. Also check out http://reviews.cnet.com/best-high-definiti...vs/?tag=leftnav
  13. k80shooter

    4 Birthday's Today

    Have a great day guys!!!
  14. k80shooter

    Happy Birthday Peanut

    Happy Birthday Peanut!!
  15. k80shooter

    Prayer Request For Bat

    Take care bat and get well soon.