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  1. cybersniper


    Nice unit Drifter Did you use the wide angle lens? I agree with Wildebeast, the battery on the bottom is nice. If you do get a leak, it's a lot easier to replace a battery box than a camera or contol board Cyber
  2. cybersniper

    Whitetail Supply Xlp Board

    Try over at Real Deal, there are a lot of guys using that board there. Daryl runds the forum and can help answer your questions. It seems guy who use them have good luck with them. I've never used one. Check out the IR 600 pictures Roscoe posted in the pictures forum, they are very nice. My 600IR units are one of my favorite cams. Good Luck! Cyber
  3. cybersniper

    Sale on memory sticks

    Office Max has the same prices if it's closer.
  4. $87.00 Buy it now on ebay last week. I almost fainted!! Cyber
  5. cybersniper

    1040 Case Leak

    I agree with the others, since switching to the seals from Mark I haven'y had a case seal leak. I use a super glue that doesn't dry until contact in the four corners and a very thin bead of household goop in the other places. The household goop is thinner than the Marine goop. When you test your case, place it under water in a large container. Watch for air bubbles. If you don't see any, it should be dry inside when you open it up. Good Luck, Cyber
  6. cybersniper

    15 pointer! update

    Get out there and get him before he changes from his summer pattern! Good Luck.... That's a hog
  7. cybersniper

    Hanging out the GONE HUNTING sign.

    Good Luck Hunting Brian!!!
  8. cybersniper

    1 GB Memory Stick cards for sale

    I have about 85 left in stock. These are the Sony brand Memory Stick Pro, not the Lexar. So far I have not had any problems running them in my P41 units. I did have problems running the Lexars in my P41's. I have several cases of the Lexars I'm planning to sell on ebay. The Lexars work fine when the camera is out of the unit, but not when hooked to a board. They may work fine in other cameras. Cyber
  9. cybersniper

    Is Hags around ?

    Try sending him an email. He's probably busy with the change over. He will take care of you. Our hunting season starts the 15th.
  10. My Lexar 1gb are also too slow, but the Sony 1gb Memory Stick Pro work great in my P41's. I learned the hard way also, I have a case of them I'm going to unload on Ebay The Lexar will work in the camera when it's not connected to the board. Most boards can be slowed down to accomodate the card, but that's kind of defeats the purpose of using a fast cam like a P41. Cyber
  11. cybersniper

    'Bout time I got a good one...

    Awesome buck!! Very nice, clear pic Cyber
  12. I have a few 1 GB Sony memory sticks for sale. The cards are $13.75 each plus shipping. 2-3 day priority shipping would be around $5.00 for all the cards you purchase. Around $3.50 for first class mail. I usually sell these for $19.00 on the website, but have a few extra to clear out. Cybersniper
  13. cybersniper

    Lid foam

    I know Whitetail Supply stocks it. If you can't find any let me know, I have a bunch I recently purchased from Daryl. Cyber
  14. cybersniper

    pipe thru cams

    When you pull it tight against the tree the stress is on the fron edges of the case, not on the pipe. Even the stress placed on the front of the case is minimal unless you are using a ratchet strap to tighten it down. The nice thing about goop is the limited flexibility. In feeze.thaw tep changes it will not crack like other materials. If it is stressed it will flex instead of crack, while maintaining a waterproof seal. Because of this and a very tight fit, I have never had one leak. The most common place to leak is the case seal, followed by the location the glass is gooped in. The best way to eliminate the case seal leak is to avoid using a case bladder as a seal and use the rope seal. When I do my glass it is all counter-sunk gooped, inserted, and then I follow up with another bead around the edge of the glass circle. After the goop is dried I dunk tank test for leaks. You will see any leaks by looking for the air bubbles. Cyber