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  1. 351Archer


    The second pic looks like there is two more coming down the trail. Maybe some eyes lit up and one in the shadow.
  2. 351Archer

    What Is It? Game

    It's a pull cord to pop the hood, because the factory one is broke.
  3. 351Archer

    Ghost Hunting

    Was looking around on ebay and stumbled across this camera. Is there more to this cam than what you would do converting one to IR? http://www.ebay.com/itm/INFRARED-GHOST-HUN...=true&rt=nc
  4. I will take number 1 please.
  5. Two for me please if you still have them. Thanks
  6. 351Archer

    Deal Of The Day!

    If you still have some I would like four of them. Thanks
  7. 351Archer

    Ssii Battery

    Yes I agree the tiny battery is nice, but when you need one and don't have it on hand. It would be nice to be able pick one up at the store rather then ordering one on line. So far haven't found any local. Tryed the cr2 3v battery, that didnt last long at all. All my other cams are powered by AAA, this is the only one with a odd battery. Just thinking about making it run on a different battery that I always have on hand.
  8. 351Archer

    Ssii Battery

    If a guy wanted to do away with the little battery on the ssII what would be a good replacement. AAA? How high can you go on the voltage for this board?
  9. 351Archer

    Continuous Shooting (unintentional) Problem

    I just had the same issue this week with mine. I was trying a new cr2 energizer battery in it. It worked great for about two weeks. Just put the other one in today out of the two pack that I bought. Now just have to wait and see how long it works.
  10. Anyone need a couple parts cams? No battery's included just the cams W55 the flash will not work, and the lens needs alinement or something. When it retracts it takes a couple times before it goes in all the way. Other than that it works OK. w30 has lens problems in and out that's all i can get it to do. looks like it had a rough life, shutter button is missing and the clip to hold the battery in is gone also. $25 for both
  11. 351Archer

    Just Call Me Tha Coon Killa!

    I trapped some once an used honey buns for bait.
  12. Here is a neat set of pics, Camera is a w55 with a Snapshot sniper board.