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  1. Skewerer

    Plotwatcher, Field Marshal, Time Lapse

    Good luck with your project. I too am very interested in doing a time lapse as my next build.
  2. Skewerer

    Wildlife Shots

    Wanted to share a few of my favorite shots. Thanks to dmach8 for advice when I was looking at buying some equipment this time last year. These were taken with a Nikon D5100 with a 70-300mm lens.
  3. Skewerer

    Case Rebuild

    Nice job on the rebuild! Looks like you freed up some room for externals in there now.
  4. P32: I bought this camera with a broken LCD. When I first tested it, it powered up with no issues. I had another P32 with a good LCD that had been hacked previously. I pulled the back off of that camera and put it on this one (note the drilled hole). Now I can't even get this cam to power up for more than a few seconds at most before it shuts back down. I think I may have damaged the port on the camera side where the LCD ribbon connects, but I don't know if that's causing the power-up issue. The battery door clips are intact and there are no signs of corrosion in the battery compartment. P41: LCD display is distorted. The camera powers up fine and the lens door opens and closes as it should. The camera makes beeping sounds when I press the buttons, so I think it's got a good chance of it working properly if the LCD was replaced. Unfortunately, I can't test it because I can't get out of the menu due to no LCD display. The battery door clips are intact and there are no signs of corrosion in the battery compartment. I have not opened this camera up. P32 is TRADED. P41 is TRADED. BOTH TRADED.
  5. Great looking Spot-Hogg sight! I've shot them for years; they're top of the line.
  6. Skewerer

    1st Video Build

    Looks nice! I'd like to try one of those. Be sure to post up some video when you get a chance.
  7. Sold pending funds
  8. A couple more pics.
  9. Lot of 5 fully functioning cams including: 1 S40 1 P72 1 P92 1 P50 1 S500 All of the cams are in good condition with the exception of the S500 which has cracked glass on the LCD (screen still works properly) and a battery door with one of the latches broken (still closes though). SOLD lower 48 takes everything.
  10. Skewerer

    Lowrance Elite-4 Dsi

    You'll enjoy Destin. I lived there for 6 months back when I was in high school. We're going back this summer during the week of 4th of July. If you plan on doing any fishing let me know; I can give you some spots.
  11. Skewerer

    Looking For A Pic Of An Old Trail Camera

    It doesn't really matter how far back as long as you can tell it's a 35mm camera from the pic of the exterior. Thanks bat! Yes, I remember sitting in the drug store parking lot excitedly flipping though several rolls worth of pictures...of crows, does, and coons! Ah, the good ole' days! lol
  12. Hey guys. I have an unusual request. I work as the managing editor for the Louisiana-based Bayou Bucks Magazine. We have a humor section that we call, "Then vs. Today" where we compare outdoor products past and present. We are planning on comparing the first commercial trail cameras with the trail cameras of today's era with all of the bells and whistles. However, I am in need of a picture of one of the oldies. Does anyone have a picture of an older model trail camera that they would share with me for the article? The kicker is that I'd need the pic in high resolution (not resized as they appear online in the forum). Thanks in advance! Matthew email: matt@bayoubucks.com