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  1. Shadow

    Man banned from hunting after shooting fake moose

    and all in front of his kid... He got off easy IMHO
  2. For some reason they don't like broad heads and bullets to much. Most of the time they fall over never to get back up and then the few times they run forever just saves you trouble of draging to the bone pit or cleaning it for the freezer. I have put hog panels up arouind some feeders that keep em' out pretty good and lets the deer get the food. Take away thier easy food and they will move on to other areas where the food is more plentiful. Cams would be a BIG plus. I recently lost all four of my cams. Two to thieves and two too flooding so I am camless or I would loaned you one of mine.
  3. Be careful with soybeans, the hogs love em' and will run off the deer. We stop corn in March and start 18% protein in one gravity feeder for every two corn feeders then stop gravity protein and pickup corn again in August/September in our spiner feeders.
  4. Shadow

    Over the Internet Phone Service

    I have a friend that has it and power went out loosing internet connection which also equaled no phone service and his cell phone doesn't work to well at his house. At least when my traditional line looses power my "Dark ages" phone still works, not a cordless type.
  5. how can they enforce the law and charge others for looting if they do it themselves and are given the ok by thier boss? Corruption at it's best right there.
  6. Shadow

    Caption This

    Jerry: Yep, Look who we just signed... TO: Yep look how many millions they are paying me while thinking they can control me and I even spiked the ball on the "Star".... ME: :no: :redlight: :no:
  7. Hi, not to be the downer person but you might have a hard time with $2,500. To help you out here is a link to some pictures of the Wolverine from all the years. Look thru them and see if you see this one in there. It won't be a definet but would get you closer to what exact year that ATV might be. http://www.bikepics.com/yamaha/wolverine/ Kelly blue book only puts retail at $2,420 tops. Trade in at "Good Condition" is $1,630. Also KBB doesn't list as a 4x4 for 1998 http://www.kbb.com/kb/ki.dll/ke.kb.mr?kbb....;11465;;;;&&&&& http://www.kbb.com/kb/ki.dll/ke.kb.mr?kbb....;12255;;;;&&&&& Edit to add: KBB does list a 4x4 for a 1996 and trade in is $1,480 http://www.kbb.com/kb/ki.dll/ke.kb.mr?kbb....;11315;;;;&&&&& Retail for the 1996 is $2,215 http://www.kbb.com/kb/ki.dll/ke.kb.mr?kbb....;12050;;;;&&&&&
  8. Shadow

    New Game

    wife interupted me... till next time here's my current Kills: 211 Shots: 409 Hits: 298 Accuracy: 73%
  9. Shadow

    Just need to vent

    Game Cams and game camcorders work wonders for providing proof of his treaspassing and destruction. IR type would be perfect in this case.
  10. Shadow

    What did SANTA bring you????

    Birthday/Christmas was a new truck, bug shield, vent visors, deer drag, leather pistol belt and leather holster for my 44, three $25 gift cards to Academy and two $50 gift cards to Basspro. If that isn't enough I got.... to see two beautiful children with big smiles, one happy wife and a promise note for a 6 inch lift kit for the new truck and new tires and wheels to compliment it. Then on top that I got to unscrew all the screws from my sons and daughters toys and then clip all the wires to boot and add all the batteries and build all the race tracks. Next step is to stand in the return lines for the electronics that didn't work right.
  11. Shadow

    Just need to vent

    panel up your feeders so cows and horses can't get into them or move to a new lease. You may be able to capture the horses and pen them up then have the owner pay restitution for the damages before he gets the horses back.
  12. Shadow

    Idaho Cats

    Congradulations! Nice cats!
  13. Shadow

    Basspro or Cabela's??

    For spending money I like BP just because I think the prices are a bit lower overall. For criter displays and Gun selections/displays... Cabelas hands down. Both carry about the same products otherwise.
  14. Shadow

    Prayer Request for 12 year old boy

    prayers sent and a speedy recovery wished as well.
  15. Shadow

    It's Official. I'm gone......

    Good Luck and be safe man! Come back in one piece with lots of pictures! 64mb card wouldn't be enough for me, I have a 512 and fill it up at a football game but then again I like pictures.