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    I like deer hunting,salt water fishing & chillin @ home with friends & family. Sometimes like a cold beer for my chillin time ....
  1. texasguychris

    Needed- Dxg 125 Parts

    Jim, I greatly appreciate it- My address is: Chris McWherter 701 Hildred ave. Conroe, Texas 77303
  2. Hello everyone .. I am in needed of any spare DXG 125 parts. Namely what I really need is a lcd screen to replace on a used cam I bought from ebay for dirt cheap. The camera does turn on, but the screen is toast .. I would appreciate any & all help. Thanks folks -
  3. texasguychris

    3 P32's F/s Hacked (2 Sold)

    I will take the P32 hack with externals if it is still available- Let me know.. Thanks..
  4. texasguychris

    Sony T110 Bf Cam/video Build

    Hello Im curious if the Sony T110 build is still available .. ? I am interested in it- Please contact me at (281)-690-8349 via text or you can call me or also at aguyintexas@gmail.com . I am very interested in that cam/type . Thanks .. Sincerely,Chris
  5. Wanted: Someone with a camo dipkit who doesnt mind dipping a few truck accessory pieces (bugshields,rainguards) for me. Let me know which camo patterns you have & send me a pm if you are interested in helping me out- Any help would be greatly appreciated- Thanks guys Sincerely,Chris
  6. Hello guys- I would like to buy a Panasonic LUMIX camera. Preferably 1 that is already been hacked. I would like to do a build with a Panny SS2. I also have some stuff I could trade ... Let me know what you have - THANKS-
  7. texasguychris

    Needing Some 18650 Battery Holders-

  8. Roger What about using a single 18650 battery holder for your external power to run the DXG ... ? I have not tried it yet, but I have a few other builds I am planning to use the 18650 holders in- Just a thought on my part ... Good luck-
  9. texasguychris

    Needing Some 18650 Battery Holders-

    I appreciate the link & info Ralph. I will probably wind up ordering from off of ebay, thought i would check here first ...
  10. Hello guys- I am in need of some of the battery holders for a 18650 battery. I was wondering if anyone has a few of the single holders they might want to sell ... ? Please send me a pm if you have some you might be willing to part with- I have (1) w290 build which i plan to use them in for externals. Thanks again -
  11. texasguychris

    Two Dxg125 ?

    Hello- I would ask someone like egbertdavis to be for sure, but i think it can take up to a 16gb sd card if i'm not mistaken ... Hopefully that helps answer your question about the memory card max capacity ... If may suggest- I would try to find a class 10 card of whatever size you choose to use in it. The class has something to do with how fast the camera can write the info to the card. A good place to get the cards from is www.geeks.com.
  12. Hello- I'm interested in the DXG 125 if it's still available- Thanks-
  13. texasguychris

    Need A 230/290 Lcd

    I have an lcd that i could hook you up with. You would need to try it out & make sure it works - Pm me with your address - texasguychris
  14. Needed: Any spare DXG 567 parts- like the plastic shell & an lcd. On 1 of my 567 cameras the lcd & the plastic face where the lcd is are both broke; but the camera works. I bought it as is from ebay a while back. I would appreciate it if someone could somehow hook me up with the parts- Thanks again- Texasguychris
  15. texasguychris

    World's First 3d Scouting/trail Camera

    That's very awesome & neat concept as far as the 3d aspect- Can't wait to see some videos from it & am also curious to see a lense mod on it -