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  1. So I am clearing out some stuff in the garage today sweating away and find some of my home brew stuff...I have more to list but I found 4GB SanDisk Pro Duo (2 ea.) $8ea 2GB SanDisk Pro Duo (2ea.) $6ea. I will list some more later...I hope all is well in the brewing community these days, I haven't gotten on here in almost a year! Ryan
  2. A quick update...all cameras are gone...I still have some of the memory cards... the Pro Duos and a 1 GB memory stick pro
  3. PM Returned...cams and card still here
  4. I know some people were interested in the p41 build and..... I just was pulling these out of my cabinet and put fresh batteries in the p41 and she fired right up...put a 9v on the build board and put her in trail while I was cleaning up my garage and the camera worked just fine. Only thing it wouldn't do is turn off manually but would turn on manually... That there brings her back on the market
  5. I should also mention that the p32 IR is the Supreme conversion from WTS...it has higher quality replacement glass and HeAR for the rest...
  6. I am getting a lot of inquiries via PM but not on the thread here, seems as if everyone wants to try and sneak in a lowball offer without others knowing they are interested. Folks, I really would love to sell them but honestly, please shoot me realistic prices...
  7. Yes it was quite unfortunate that I had to lose them for such a low cost, I probably spent more making them honestly. I sold all the 1425s and only have the P32 an p41 IR builds left...
  8. SnwbrdrRm

    Camo Wall Art

    Those are awesome, all done on the waterjet I presume?
  9. How is about $100 TYD in the USA on the 1425 builds??? I am losing money at this point but need to have all commercial cams out this year...
  10. If someone wants to buy a few cams I will knock them down to $100 each on the 1425 builds...
  11. Looks like I have: -2 ea (1 GB Sony Memory Stick Pros) -4 ea (SanDisk 4 GB Memory Stick Pro Duos) -6 ea (Sony 2 GB Memory Stick Pro Duos) -7 ea (Sony Memory Stick Duo Adapters) I would like to get rid of these with some of the builds or after I sell the builds as I will need some of them if the builds don't sell.. THanks, Ryan
  12. I still have a few of the 1425 builds for sale along with the IR P32 in the 3D camo case and the IR P41 build...I am done with home brews and moving to all commercial cams as I don't have tinkering time anymore with the family and the program to tend to... I have some 1 GB Memory Stick Pros and a bunch of 2 and 4 GB memory stick pro duos with adapters that I will need to get rid of as well... Thanks everyone, Ryan
  13. 2 1425 Builds Sold...