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  1. PAOHArcher

    P32 Yeti Board Problem?

    got a p32 build with a yeti board,turn on and goes through the walk test then blinks 5 times.then after that when you walk in front of camera it does not fire but red light comes on like it is still in walk test mode,new 9 volt battery checked for correct voltage and led turned off on the board,any thoughts?? thanks!!!!
  3. PAOHArcher

    Fs S600 Kit

    Good deal here,hope someone jumps on it soon.it's very tempting
  4. freshly hacked p41 for sale.3-wire hack with externals.hack is hard wired.camera is in very nice shape with just a couple of small scratches.all functions working as they should,taking nice day and night time photos. TYD lower 48. if upon recieving you are not satisified will give full refund.pictures to follow this evening.thanks!!!! CAMERA IS SOLD!!!!!
  5. freshly hacked p32 for sale,3-wire hack No externals,this is a hard wire hack.nice condition with a couple of light scratches on front of camera.All functions working as they should.taking nice and crisp day and night time photos.$20 TYD lower 48 only. upon recieving if not satisfied return for full refund and shipping.thanks!!!! CAMERA IS SOLD!!! THANKS!!!!!
  6. looking over this camera there is more scratches and small scuffs that really dont show up in the pictures,i dont want to mislead anyone and since this camera is not as nice as i usually sell im going to drop the price to $36 TYD lower 48.i just took several pictures with this camera and it takes very nice sharp and crisp day and night time photos.thanks!!!! money recieved,please close thread!!