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  1. Michaux Fur

    Largemouth Bass Mount

    Not bad for a first. It only gets better, as with everything else. You opened pandoras box, I assure you that!
  2. Michaux Fur

    Audio Device Help

    Thanks for the help fellas. That last one (E123) nailed it and it's very cheap!!!! I ordered the push button option. The motion sensor player may be nice for security IN the shop. I can think of a variety of things to record for would-be burglars to hear!!! The unmistakeable sound of a .45 Colt Peacemaker cocking would be ample I'm sure. They'd leave yellow puddles in their tracks!! BIG HELP...can't thank you enough!
  3. Michaux Fur

    Audio Device Help

    I'm having a hard time putting into words, what is in my head! Maybe a brain here can translate my "cave man" talk to "tech talk." I am working on a Screech Owl project for a Nature Conservancy. My plan is to have a device next to a preserved Screech Owl that visitors (usally children) can interact with. Push a button and hear the sounds the Screech Owl makes. What is the device or platform called that would allow me to download the sounds and playback the sounds by push of a button? I searched USB alternatives. USB flash drive audio devices. I'm not sure what other words to use in this search. Are there other tech methods of approach? Not even sure USB is the way to go with this. I really don't want anything more complex than the push of a button. I mean, I would imagine having to navigate a touchscreen is a bit too much. And more expensive. If I have to create, or build this unit I am up for it. (I think). I just don't know how to approach it. I am a cave man. Thanks in advance for any responses
  4. Michaux Fur

    Bigfoot Trailmaster

    Hi all, I am about to connect my P52 4 wire servo to the Bigfoot TrailMaster but cannot figure out where I am to connect the BLUE and ORANGE wires. My options on the board jumpers are PD-CD-SH-CD. I am thinking BLUE to PD and ORANGE to SH. Am I correct? Please help. Thanks!
  5. Michaux Fur

    Order Info Clarification

    Thank you fellas.
  6. Michaux Fur

    Order Info Clarification

    It's been awhile and things have changed. When ordering the Bigfoot Control Board from Snapshot Sniper, "Camera Type" comes up. There's Type 1 through 5. What is this referencing? This is for a P52 IR cam build with slave flash if this helps??? (I know the website is down...not ordering yet). Thanks
  7. Michaux Fur

    Slave Flash Issue

    A trailcam slave flash won't flash. All the units batts are operational. The slave flash turns on. Flash Cap charges. Slave Board Status light turns on solid....then flashes. When the PIR sensor trips the camera, the camera flashes but the slave will not. The cap is not discharging so I'm assuming it's either the CDS cell or connection to the slave board. I will check connections to the slave board tonight when I return from work. By the way, is there a right way to put the CDS cell in front of the cam flash? I have it with the little raised bubble facing the flash. I don't think that would matter anyway with the amount of light that floods the cell PLUS....the flash did work prior to this incident.
  8. Michaux Fur


    Thanks fellas, I actually have a SlaveMaster stashed away, so I won't be needing a slave controller. Though I look forward to utilizing RCDavis's variety. I've seen the link you provided hootowl, it is the same board. I'm might be missing something obvious. I'll go back over everything. If not...oh well. I can toss it in the round file and use the $2.00 Viv2800 I scored on ebay! Thanks!!
  9. Michaux Fur


    I've spent the past 2 weeks skimming some great past discussion on the 31057 board mod, in my spare time. And, without fail, I am stumped. Can someone un-stump me? 1. (Ref. Pic #4) In this tutorial, When connecting across the switch, where are the "Battery Ground (black) and Switched Output (blue)" wires coming from? 2. In the same pic, is the White wire the flash tube wire? If so, clip from board and install there? If not.....what is it? 3. Are there specific slave boards to use with this board, or will the BF SlaveMaster work? (I should probably check to see if that board is still offered as it has been the better part of a year since I looked). Thank You.
  10. Michaux Fur

    I Thought Long And Hard

    After watching the meltdown of an otherwise sane man I've realized three things: 1. Those "Gawdawful" birds and "Ferocious" Whitetails will make a man go mad! 2. I'm reminded of Robin Williams for some reason. Acting or Appearance, I'm not sure. Perhaps both. 3. If anything...that is a wonderful view from your stand. It takes your mind off the crazy man in it.
  11. Michaux Fur

    Went And Checked The Pig Trap This Morning...

    CAPITALIZE my friend.......Capitalize!
  12. Michaux Fur

    Nostalgic Smells

    beans! That's funny. Hoppes #9 is a good one. Canvas, is another, for me. Reminds me of camping as a kid in that old canvas tent my parents had.
  13. Michaux Fur

    Well, The Pig Trap Worked! And Then....

    Truly awesome. Is that a primitive snare technique for your trigger stick?
  14. Michaux Fur

    Lil Help Please, I Dont Get It?

    Beef or Dairy?
  15. Michaux Fur

    I Am So P#@### Off Right Now.

    Time to put out the sign: This house is protected by the good Lord and a gun And you might meet 'em both if you show up here not welcome son Thank God, you're a lucky man to have it turn out the way it did. I'm sure it's all run through your head what could have been. Stay protected. I have this safe: http://www.gunsafes.com/GunVault-Mini-Stan...V1000C-STD.html You can wake from a dead sleep, slap your hand on the surface, punch your code and be armed in seconds! While a handgun in every room (like my brother does) may seem implausible, mace certainly is more affordable.