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  1. $160.00 Takes everything that is left.
  2. S600 with selector issue and bag of s600 parts $25 TYD
  3. A503ir, bf board, 1060 case pipe through and bracket on back. Worked last season. SOLD
  4. S600 build in 1040 case, seems to be working fine. SOLD
  5. External slave flash, no idea if it works. Sold
  6. #3 A503IR build,SS2, Pipe through, 1040 case, slave flash. I have not used this camera in a while. It did work last time I used it. $60 TYD
  7. #2 Sold as is. A503IR Build, Slave, BF board, pipe through. Sorry about the pink camo it was one of my daughters cameras. Worked last year but camera is a bit out of focus. $65 TYD Will also include A503 Parts
  8. Selling all cameras as is. I am open to offers also. #1 Sony P41IR build, slave, SS LCD board, 4C for slave, 4-ex. AA for camera, mounting bracket. Camera worked fine all last season and tested to be working good in the shop today. $65 TYD I will also include a box of P41 parts with it.
  9. Everything but the p52 cameras is sold pending payment