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  1. 1500ccz71

    Trail Camera on the Trail

    Loved your spoof about snow snakes!
  2. 1500ccz71

    Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    Chris/212 was a tremendous resource to this community. He will be greatly missed. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
  3. Great Video! Loved the audio that was in it too.
  4. 1500ccz71

    P32 Setup Batteries Dead After About 70 Pics

    I have a similar set up, P32 camera, SS board with externals to the camera. I use rechargeables in the camera, 2 C cell alkalines for externals and I have never seen the the rechargeables drain down. I can leave this set out for months and as long as there is room on the Sony memory card, it will be taking my picture when I get there. The thinking about the externals being alkaline is that 2 alkalines should indicate about 3.0 - 3.2 volts and they should drain first while keeping your camera rechargeable batteries topped off. The rechargeables will be at a lower potential, coming in at about 2.8 V.
  5. 1500ccz71

    At The Inlet

    Woody - loved all your pics. You are an artist with your camera!
  6. 1500ccz71

    White Flash Vs Ir

    Fryguy - there is conflicting evidence as to the spooking ability of the flash with regards to deer activity. I have seen white flash catch a mature buck at a camera site once, and then no more pic's of him again at that site (camera/flash avoidance). Immature bucks and does seem to be more tolerant and can register multiple nighttime pictures. When using a commercial IR camera in video mode, I have seen both bucks and does in high alert looking suspicously at the camera indicating some knowledge of something they don't like (not liking the the red IR glow - ?). My belief is it is best to move camera sites (no more than 2 weeks in one place) in order to beat the camera avoidance syndrome. As to quietness of homebrew, you can't beat a shutter disabled Sony P32 or P41. No lens to extend and no noise from the shutter/dustcover being retracted. Some like the minor noise associated with a homebrew getting ready as it helps bring the head into a position of looking at the camera.
  7. 1500ccz71

    Pecker Damage

    Wow! I've had one critter attack a camera during a set but never four. I think you are just need a raccoon to complete the sweep.
  8. 1500ccz71

    S600 Fast Hack/yeti Won't Shutter Pic

    Try setting board to take two pictures. If it shutters just one picture it is likely a case that the camera is not ready to go at the time of the first shutter event (? - still charging flash capacitor for instance - ?). I hope this is not the case but it would indicate that the board timing is slightly too fast for the S600 you have.
  9. 1500ccz71

    How Often Do You Check Your Cameras?

    Cams are set up on a hunting property that is about a 2.5 hour drive. Property has a camp with electricity. Cams are pulled about every two weeks where pictures are reviewed on a lap top to be saved or discarded. Cams get fresh batteries and cards at that time as well as a glass cleaning before being reset. Most will go on different trees to mix things up. Mature bucks seem to avoid cam trails after being hit in the face with a white flash. This tendancy seems less with the IR flash but may still exist to a lesser degree. I am trying my first black flash camera now but won't be able to review any pictures on it until near the end of July. My one disappointment with IR cams is the night time clarity of the pictures and the flash distance. I think those things will only get worse with the black flash. However, if the bucks ignore the black flash entirely, then a black flash set up over bait could be the trick. Not that I would do that in NY state (illegal here).
  10. 1500ccz71

    Dark Screen On P41

    Started fooling around with a Sony P41 and after putting it back together I lost the monitor on the back (went dark). What ribbon is likely to come unplugged that I should be looking at? Any help is appreciated.
  11. I have always loved your pic's. I've copied many of them and saved them for my scrolling screen saver. You do great work and glad to see you getting recognized for it. Congrat's.
  12. check the plastic dividers between contact points on the card. If one of those has broke and is now in the way the card will act funny when you load into card readers.
  13. 1500ccz71

    Are Commercial Cameras Catching Up?

    I have a neighbor on an adjoining property at deer camp. He has nothing but store bought trail cameras. We freely share pictures of what deer we have seen and he openly admits that my DIY cameras take more and better quality pictures than he gets. I think it is proof that we can can do very well with our home brews and possibly be spoiled by our success with them and not know it. There are a lot smart guys on this forum who can help steer you through any of your difficulties with your home mades. If you stick with it, you'll end up with good cameras that will provide lots of info. and enjoyment of your hunting properties for years to come. Although the store bought cam's are getting better and cheaper, I still think more satisfaction is going to come from the DIY cam's that we hang on those trees.
  14. 1500ccz71

    Anyone Take A Homebrew Through Airport Security?

    No experience with carry on. Took one recently in checked baggage with batteries out. No problem with that.