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  1. I have a IR hacked P32 with externals for sale. IR was hack was with scrape glass method. 3 wire hack was done with wire from one of the suppliers that used solid wire at the time. Would be happy to change it over to stranded if needed. $27 tyd lower 48 ( few extra $$$ for shipping within Canada).
  2. stone

    First Two Builds Done

    Great looking builds. I'll be the first to say it - " Wish my first build looked like that"
  3. This camera is in great condition with very few marks. The only flaw is a few ink stains near the battery door. Works great. Would like to trade for yeti fs s600 board. SPF
  4. stone

    Bf Board P41

    Jim, thanks for speaking my language. Usually I don't dare ask a question on board circuitry as I'm lost on the answer. I'll check those solder joints.
  5. stone

    Bf Board P41

    thanks guys. I've jumped the screw pins and was able to get it to power and shutter. I've taken the board out and reset the wires twice. Doesn't seem to be the connection to the board.
  6. stone

    Bf Board P41

    I converted an ir build into a whiteflash by swapping out the camera and now for some reason I cannot get the board to power the camera. Tested the hack and it works great. New batteries in the board. When I turn the board on, it goes through walk test fine but at no time powers the camera on/off. Any suggestions? thanks
  7. stone

    Best Case For Bf + D Bats + P41

    I have 6 or 7 builds with the same layout as pdskal in the s3 3000 case from Underwater Kinetics Canada.
  8. Good condition with some surface scratches. Comes with 128mb card. Works Great. Sold
  9. stone

    Dxg 567 Battery Drain Over And Over

    Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I have a DXG with k98 that does exactly the same thing. Lucky to get a few 30 sec videos before they start to decrease in length and eventually drain completely is a day or two. Taken the build apart numerous times and never found the problem.
  10. stone

    Coached A Friend ..

    Great looking build.
  11. Some great shots. That muley has wicked character on back breaks.
  12. I have two S40 cams that have been 4-wire fast hacked + external. Hacks have been tested and working great. . SPF Also have one unopened p32 in very nice condition. $27 tyd
  13. stone

    Big Capped Ir32 Pictures

    Great light. You just added another project to the winter list....
  14. stone

    Couple Of Studs

    Couple of great bucks.