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  1. Anyone that wants pics I can email them or text them to you
  2. Pics Well I can't get them to load
  3. this camera was built by a memeber here bowgod02 and is a excellent camera .. very neat and nice clean build excellent battery life and fail proof in my eyes. im selling this only because we have had a large amount of trail cams being removed from trees even in very secure lock boxes. im going to buy a couple cams that transmit directly to my phone and catch the culprits hopefully. as far as whats in the camera i have no idea i do know i paid a fair amount of money for this camera and im not sure if it was 400.00 or 350.00 lol memory fails me now and then.. so i guess right now im just going to take offers unless bowgod02 gets back with me with info on the build and what i actually paid for it.. so here goes shoot me offers and we will get this camera gone..
  4. reezen11

    Builds For Sale

    i bought the other p32 last night but hje hasnt updated this yet..
  5. reezen11

    Builds For Sale

    sent another one to you..let me know you get it.. seem to be having a issue with my messages being sent out.
  6. reezen11

    Builds For Sale

    pm sent on the p32s//
  7. Pm sent. Sent you one yesterday on that one as well..
  8. looking for any whiteflash trail cams complete builds. preferablly in working condition let me know what you have .
  9. reezen11

    What Broadheads Do You Shoot.

    75 gr . rocket miniblasters.
  10. reezen11

    2011 Archery Season

    congrats very nice!
  11. reezen11

    My 2011 Archery Buck

    nice congrats to you.
  12. Looking for a sigle aa battery compartment to hold just one aa battery If they make such a thing Thanks