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  1. I have a snapshot sniper board original..not the ssII. The camera I was using was a p41 which has quit, and have no spares can I use a p32 which fits in the case with out having to change anything? Tkx.
  2. timbertom

    Broken P32 Shutter Ribbon

    Thanks, Pm sent.
  3. timbertom

    Broken P32 Shutter Ribbon

    Thanks Bowman, yes it is the ribbon where cam hack is, this is the second one i broke,am now gun shy or should i say camera shy. let me know, Thanks.
  4. Hi I just broke the shutter ribbon on a p32, where would i or could i find one to purchase? any one try to repair one? thanks for your help
  5. timbertom

    P 41 And Simplesniper Board

    got it going now thanks Tom
  6. timbertom

    P 41 And Simplesniper Board

    the camera will fire up but not take a picture motion detecter works, works when I do the test fires up and takes picture "stumped" lol
  7. I just did my first hack on a p41 camera, the hack seems to have worked ok I checked by crossing wires before closure and camera will fire up and al so take a picture.I think I have the wireing right to the board first is ground than power than shutter..red black white. I hooked it up went through the test leds, camera will turn on but not take a picture, will shut off than with no motion will turn back on still will not take picture and keeps repeating this. Any ideas? Thanks Tom