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  1. camhunter

    More Ohio Bucks

    Great pics!
  2. camhunter

    Ohio Buck

    I guess he's not too shabby...lol Nice one!
  3. camhunter

    Lets See Some Hunting Rigs!

    Here ya go...2011 Elite Hunter 25" DL, 53 pounds WB rest Extreme Sight Easton Flatline arrows Elite quiver and stabilizer.
  4. I know some of you are on the AT forum but I wanted to post here for those who aren't. I'm looking for a new homebrew. Wanted a P41 but I don't want to go much over $200...just a little So I'm open to a P32 or another cam. Good pics, good security, are my pain "particulars." I like the option of having eye bolts or D-rings or whatever on the side to run chain through or lock chain to. I currently have a P32 with a pipe through and eye bolts. Would not mind seeing pics of some builds either. I'm asking around, trying to see what looks like what I want. Thanks
  5. camhunter

    Few P32 Pics

    Haven't been on in awhile but I'm here Few shots off my 12 Ringer P32 from winter through early spring...
  6. Very nice, good idea!
  7. camhunter

    What Is Wrong With This Deer

    Holy cow!!! Never seen anything like that! I'm guessing that's a doe...kinda wonder if they can get "breast cancer" as well.....geesh, poor thing. You should send that in to your DNR or wildlife biologist
  8. camhunter

    Still In Velvet

    Well modeclan....had I known...I would have spent the money on a homebrew rather than the commercial cam. I still enjoyed my Scoutguard before it got stolen..and I do like my Leaf River right now but I see that nothing can really compare to a quality homebrew
  9. Put my first homebrew, a P32, out in our woods for 2 days, had 145 photos I think it was, mostly of these 2 bucks: Waiting to get it out in the bigger woods where I hunt. Maybe tomorrow when I get out for squirrel hunting.
  10. camhunter

    Camo-ing Your Cables?

    Where can you find these camo toned paints? I tried making a camo burlap sleeve...well it stands out more than it helps I think...
  11. camhunter

    Camo-ing Your Cables?

    How are you guys camoing your python cables...if you are? I've got my first homebrew - P32, in my room waiting to be deployed. My 3/8" python just came this am....I also have the chain and padlocks. The python is black cable, the lock part is black and yellow so obviously I need to camo it. My only ideas right now are: spray paint but that will be smelly or Take camo burlap I have and make a sleeve to slide over the cable...And perhaps stick leaves/sticks or bark, in the burlap holes...I know the burlap usually fades over time. Any other suggestions?? Thanks!
  12. camhunter

    Ugly Duckling Transformed

    Nice build! A cam on steroids!