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  1. sambarhunter

    Australia bower bird police cam hack

    This is a 4 k video camera hack 2 kids to look after the factory made cams are crap involve the kids get them out there
  2. sambarhunter

    Sambar Stag

    The Sambar Stag has sent glands on he face rubs them hi up in tree there is a steep bank to the right where hunter can sit 20 metre away shooting down at about 45 deg angle its the perfect hunting spot
  3. sambarhunter

    Sambar Stag

    I set two video cameras to see if stags are walking creeks during the day
  4. sambarhunter

    Mosfett / Opto Questions

    MOSFET_RFD14N05L_50V_14A_Vg5_100mO_Vth2.0_TO_251.pdf Mosfet has an isolation too the input 1 to 5 volts the output is like a transistor but can switch anything 200 amps depends on the specs Opto means the input is optical isolated from the output. The input is an led normally around 5-10 milliamp then a transistor switch as output load will be small 30 milliamp Just remember if you buy these devices then you must follow specs or they will fail to work (ps) I am going to use mosfet to use led driving lights as flash not waiting for charging RFD14N05L GATE voltage must be 1 to 2 volts to switch more will fail the device The drain to source load can be up to 14 Amps but switch not more than 50 volts 14A, 50V, 0.100 Ohm, Logic Level,
  5. sambarhunter

    Dslr Trashed

    Some wannabe Hunter found my DSLR canon 50D at a remote wallow and destroyed it trying to steal it. The python lock saved the day One photo then turn to crap on 1-4-13
  6. sambarhunter

    Tree Hugger

    200 mm screws Tree Hugger this tree hugger give you extra room behind to hide Red Back Spider or two keep the thieves away some camo yet to go on
  7. sambarhunter

    Sold Ss1 Boards For Sale [2]

    Ok you have a paypal account i will take both
  8. sambarhunter

    Pancake Strawberries And Honey

    Fresh strawberries from garden
  9. sambarhunter

    Sambar Stag

    Taken with Canon 550d DSLR
  10. sambarhunter

    Sambar Stag

    Watch video in full screen in full HD to see what he pee in his mouth
  11. This camera is open at front so sound is good records in mpeg 4 been running this unit for 12 months The remote was sealed but cut back off then cover with control board sambar Spicky
  12. sambarhunter

    [b]kodak Full Play 1080 Video Hack [/b]

    Missing batterys CR123A 6v control board Video Magpie Breaky