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    Powered up a P41 and the LCD screen isn't right. Looks like this in camera and review mode both. Plus when I press the shutter button to take a pic the camera shuts off. Any ides? Thanks.
  2. The Phantom


    Thanks. Sent him a PM.
  3. The Phantom


    Check a 503 that's been out since November. When I power it on the screen is white. Stays that way when I go to review mode. Worked fine when I put it out. Any ideas?
  4. The Phantom


    Found the problem. I replaced the back cover, including the screen with another one and it works. Looks like the LCD or connection was bad. Good thing I had a parts camera on hand! (I think).
  5. The Phantom


    Oops, it is a P32! It is an older hack that I haven't used in awhile. Probably because it didn't work! I think I found the problem. The ribbon on the back cover is torn. So, if anyone has a back cover for a P32 they want to sell, trade, or give away send me a PM. Thanks for the help.
  6. The Phantom

    Latest Build Pics

    Nice looking build.
  7. The Phantom

    Easy Way To Discharge A Cap

    We all know the easiest way, (that's what was asked), is to let Jon do it for you. I'm sure someone can loan him a video camera if he doesn't have one.
  8. The Phantom

    What Do You Think Of The Sound?

    Sounds ok to me. Which camera are you using?
  9. The Phantom

    Lonely Coyote

    He's posing for a shot...so shoot him!
  10. The Phantom

    Variety Of Cameras

    Thanks. Hope that buck is around next year...and the yotes aren't! The 503 takes good pics so I decided to keep a couple of them color. Still have two that are IR.
  11. Haven't posted for awhile so figured I'd check the closest cameras and post a few pics. Samsung 503/Critter Getter/2000 Samsung 503/Safari/2000 I had to use Picasa to lighten this one up. Sony P41/SS2 Sony S40/Yeti
  12. The Phantom

    What's Your Screen Saver?

    Don't use screen saver. Have family pic as the desktop background. But yours looks good!
  13. The Phantom

    Archery Buck

    I have several pics of this guy. He gave me a 30 yard shot last week and I took it. Not my biggest, but my biggest archery buck. Notice by the sequence how camera shy he was.
  14. The Phantom

    Trail Cam Build Sheet

    Everyone has their own way of doing things. That's what makes this addiction hobby so great. I prefer to have the batteries on the bottom in case they leak. That way they won't ruin the electronics underneath. Also, I think most people avoid using rechargeable batteries foe external power. Alkalines work better.
  15. The Phantom

    Nov 3 Pull

    I like the 503s as much as my S40s. Hadn't seen most of these bucks this year until this pull.
  16. The Phantom

    Nov 3 Pull...s40/yeti

    I had to use Picasa to lighten the last one up some, but still a nice pic.
  17. The Phantom

    Warm Weather Is Complicating...

    I feel your pain Paul. I gave up yesterday morning a little after 11. Decided to check a couple cameras and while I was looking at the pics on one a nice 8 pointer walked out of the woods 60 yards away! Go figure.
  18. The Phantom

    Newest Build...finally

    I finally got this one done. It's a whiteflash 503/CritterGetter/Slavepro1 in an Otter 3250. The inside doesn't look as clean and professional as some on here, but the deer don't care! I now have: IR 503/AIO/2800 IR 503/BF/3700/RCDavis flash controller White flash 503/2000/Safari with flash backpacker White flash 503/2000/CritterGetter/Slavepro1 flash controller. I got left out of the exchanger program so no day color/night IR builds. Also have several S40s, P32, and P41s, including a P32 and P41 with wireless remote flash.
  19. The Phantom

    My A503 Safari Exchanger Build

    As always a great looking build.
  20. The Phantom

    Monsterbuck Poached From My Area

    Definitely a nice buck!
  21. The Phantom

    Holy Browtines!

    I guess it depends on the genetics. I had an 8 point running around several years back and he had a decent spread but never did grow long tines. I saw him three years in a row during bow season and never had a shot at him. Someone took him during gun season and he still didn't have long tines. Maybe? give him another year, but if he looks the same next year I wouldn't pass him up.
  22. The Phantom

    Got It

    I need a sammy 503 if anyone has one they would like to sell. Camera only, not a build. Thanks.
  23. The Phantom

    Latest Builds

    The one I hacked for Jim's board isn't working. Will un-hack it and see if that was the problem, then start over.