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  1. Firemanjim

    Missing Members?

    Yea Ron...We didn't even get a "Honorable Mention"...lol
  2. Firemanjim

    Sad news from Yetinme

    So sorry for your loss Mark....Prayers for you and your family.
  3. I have 2 of the white Jazz Video Cameras. Both are hacked and have the lens in them that has the exchanger built into the lens. I would recommend replacing these lens with the Exchanger123 lens we all used. I put batteries in them and both turned on. I did not test the hack so may need rechecked. I found these while moving everything into my new shop. If anyone wants these I will do $25 each + shipping. I will be adding tons of more stuff in the days to come. Email me at JTSWILDLIFECAMERAS@GMAIL.COM
  4. I have a New BugFoot Board FOR SALE. Never been hooked up. Comes with Reed Relay for running a DXG 125 Video Unit. Asking $30 I also have a unopened DXG 125 Camera with battery and charger. $40 $60 + Shipping Gets You Both!! Email me at JTSWILDLIFECAMERAS@GMAIL.COM
  5. Firemanjim

    New build

    Nice to see someone has taken the "Build for Others" niche....I have turned down tons of builds. I will start sending them your way Ralph!! Tons of money to be made!!
  6. Firemanjim

    Pre Amp with sister boards

    For some reason I cant upload the pictures of the board. My cell # is 931-808-9855 if you want to text me I will send you the pics
  7. Firemanjim

    Pre Amp with sister boards

    Here you go Johnnie. This board is designed to run the array and preamp from the same power source. If you use different power sources I will need to change a few traces. Red is top traces. Green is bottom traces.
  8. Firemanjim

    Pre Amp with sister boards

    you don't actually solder them on. You use a solder paste and then you use a hot air solder wand to bond them. Pretty much impossible to do it with a hand wand. I am getting off at the fire station this morning. I will look around in the shop when I get home and see what I actually have .....
  9. Firemanjim

    Pre Amp with sister boards

    I probably have 200 or so of those blank boards in my shop. Problem is they are all SM stuff. Not TH anymore. When I ran out of TH boards I gradually converted everything to SM. I may still have the Gerber files for the TH boards but I had a computer crash a few months ago and I am sure they are gone. Things are starting to slow down some in the fire station so maybe I will have a chance to redraw the file for you.
  10. Firemanjim

    Auto on camera

    I would connect it to a output instead of a opto. Not sure the opto will trigger the sister board get to close. The sister boards are designed to work with a output but try it and see...may work with a opto. I personally have never tried it.
  11. Firemanjim

    Error Codes..

    I can't read anything on the forum at all.....Every thread I click on says the error code....
  12. Would you sale just the memory sticks and cards? If yes than how much?
  13. Firemanjim

    Question for the "Board builders and Suppliers

    Just for the 'Record" I offered to send you a brand new board FREE!! I am sorry my computer got crashed in a lightning storm. The board is over 3 years old.....Just curious how long do you feel we should "warranty" these boards? Did I mention that I offered to send you a BRAND NEW BOARD FREE!! Glad you got that off your chest!
  14. Firemanjim

    Picaxe 14m Slave Controller

    The problem has to be in the interrupt portion of the code I sent you.....we will play with it some more .....don't give up on this yet...
  15. Firemanjim

    Questions Dxg 567v

    The 224 does not have a color filter on it. It is a ir lense....