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    Wireless Remote Triggers

  2. I pretty much fell in love with this deer the first time I captured his picture on a trail camera. He is defenately not the biggest buck on the mountain but I really liked the kickers, or TRASH as we call them here in the south, off both of his G2's. I caught pictures of him at least 4 nights a week all season long. Never a picture in the daytime until Thanksgiving morning. I passed up over 40 bucks because I decided I was only going to hunt this buck this year. So the chase began on the opening day of bow season here in TN. The last Saturday of September. I never seen him not once from the tree stand until this morning. But I knew he was still there from the trail camera pictures. I was in the treestand 30 minutes before daylight this morning. Around 8:30 this morning a group of nine does came onto the ridge I was hunting to graze on the acorns. They were there feeding for about 30 minutes. Thanks to Scent Lock they never knew I was on the same planet with them. When all of a sudden they all "Locked Up" and started looking in the same direction. It sounded like a D9 Cat Dozer was coming up the ridge. Well It was "SKYSCRAPER"...He flushed the does like they were a covey of quail. Does broke and ran in every direction. He chased them all over the ridge with his noes up their rear....UNTIL.....at 9:08 AM he stopped in a clearing...Gave me enough time to confirm he was who I thought he was...20 seconds later the Browning X-Bolt chambered in 26 Nosler barked....He never took a step.....
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    Jazz Issue

    I have a box full of jazz cameras. Some are already hacked. Let me know if you need one and I will send one your way....
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    Rcdavis Adjustable Case Mounts

    Nice stuff Ralph....
  5. Do any of you guys use the "Daytime Only" mode on your control boards? I am thinking of deleteing this feature on my control boards so I can make all my boards compatable with all 4 types of camera and switchable using the dip switches so as you never have to return a board to have it reprogrammed. I am also going to eleminate the 4 settings for delay times. Right now you can select no delay, 1 minute, 3 minutes, or 6 minutes when in feeder mode. I think I am going to reduce this down to simply 30 seconds or 1 minute. So basically the dip switch settings for the 4 position dip switch on the Micro and the PRO-SLAVE will be: DIP 1 OFF = 30 second delay if DIP 2 is OFF DIP 1 ON = 1 minute delay is DIP 2 is OFF DIP 2 OFF = Feeder Mode with delay controlled by DIP 1 DIP 2 ON = Trail Master Mode DIP 3 and DIP 4 controls the type of camera DIP 3 OFF DIP 4 OFF = Type 1 Camera 1.2 second delay DIP 3 OFF DIP 4 ON = Type 2 Camera 1.5 second delay DIP 3 ON DIP 4 OFF = Type 3 Camera 2.0 second delay DIP 3 ON DIP 4 ON = Type 4 Camera 2.0 second delay (Panasonics)
  6. I converted a Fuji JZ250 to a IR unit. Huge Thank You to Ralph (BIGBASSMAN) for the video tutorial...Here are a few pictures from it. CritterGetter MICRO, SlavePRO1 and a Vivitar 2800
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    Bob (dgrad)

    So sorry to hear this my friend....God Bless
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    Board Options For A503 Exchanger Build

    The new CritterGetterPRO-SLAVE will do it all. You will need a exchanger board which I also sale. But just the two boards is all you need for it.
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    Remembering 911 Never Forget

    The photographer titled this image "The Last Ride of Ladder 118." If you'll look in the foreground, you'll see FDNY's Ladder 118 carrying six men across the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, and to their deaths. Scenes like this occurred all over New York that morning, with 343 men taking their last rides. On the darkest day, we saw the brightest of America. This is why Firefighters all across America will climb tomorrow, and this is why we remember. NEVER FORGET .. YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD NEVER FORGET!!
  10. Well I had several guys ask why we couldn't put the Camera Control Board and the Slave Control Board all on to one board. For the last 5 months I have been working on just that and here it is .....You no longer have to buy 2 boards to do a slave build anymore!!! And you can get it all for just $52.00 at JTSWildlifeCameras.Com This should save you guys a little money. It controls all 4 basic camera types by dip switches. All the dip switches are accessible from the top as well. Runs on the Picaxe 20M2 chip. Has the .47 Ohm resistor built into the board. Dips 1 and 2 controls the delay if in Feeder Mode. Dip 3 controls the DayModeSelect option giving you the ability to run in the daytime only or 24 hours a day. Dip 4 controls Feeder Mode or TrailMaster Mode. Dips 5 and 6 controls the camera timings and settings giving us the ability to run all 4 basic camera types by setting dip switches. All the wires coming into the terminal block are accessible from the top so you will never need to uninstall the board for any reason. Runs on 3 AAA batteries which should give you over 6 months of run time on the 3 AAA batteries. Comes with standoffs and mounting board. The board has been tested for sometime now and has not missed a beat. A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Don Kirk (DKirk) over at Hag's House for all his help with this one!!!...I hope it is a benefit for the homebrew community.
  11. It is built on the exact same chassis as the CritterGetterPRO so I have been calling it the CritterGetterPRO-SLAVE .....a lot of time and work went into this one trying to save everyone some money. Now you don't need to buy two boards or a add on board for the slave builds. Don Kirk (DKirk) helped me perfect the code and it runs flawlessly. I hope it is a plus for the homebrew community.
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    Illegal to use while hunting in Tennessee
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    New Board Now Available

    The Wireless Receiver triggers the flash. The new day night board has nothing to do with triggering the flash. The old day night board simply turned on the slave at dark and off at dawn. Was really hard on battery life because the slave was powered on constantly. The new board works like the other slave controllers work. It turns on the slave for 30 seconds at dusk to fully charge it. It then turns it off and the PT sensor starts looking for a flash from the wireless slave. So the PT sensor goes in front of the slave flash bulb. If it senses a flash it instantly turn s on the slave to ready it for the next shot. If nothing happens it turns off in 14 seconds. It turns on the slave every 10 minutes for 10 seconds to top it off. At dawn it turns the system off .
  14. Bob Kieffer asked me to help him with a project a month or so ago. He had a small call that he wanted me to design a board to run. Some of his requirements were it had to have a CDS sensor to monitor day and night. It had to be controlled by a picaxe chip which would enable him or anyone the ability to "tweak" the program. It needed several Dip Switches so the programming can be adjusted in the field. Actually all the requirements were easily met. So I designed the board, got a few prototype boards made and the testing began. I ordered a call from Ebay. Did the very simple hack. Downloaded the program and began testing. It works flawlessly. The more I thought about it I realized that this board could also have another purpose for us "Homebrewers"....For a couple years now we have been using a day/night circuit board that I had made up using a circuit that DKirk designed. It would turn On a remote slave flash at night and turn it Off in the daytime. The problem with it was the slave flash was "Always ON" which killed the battery life substantially. We needed a board that would just turn on the slave for a few seconds every 10 minutes or so to refresh the capacitor but we needed the ability to "sense" when the slave fires so it can turn on the power to the slave immeadiately so it could refresh everything and be able to fire the second shop. So by simply adding a PT sensor to the circuit I was able to do just that. The PT sensor tells the chip if the slave fires between the 10 minute cycle so it can instantly recharge just like the SlavePRO1 and the other slave control boards do. This will greatly save battery life in the remote wireless slave builds all the DSLR folks are using. These boards will be available in about 2 weeks or so...I hope they help the Homebrew community.
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    Panasonic Fs7 Gamewatcher Build

    How is the new day/night board working out for you Joe???
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    Sony H70 Build

    You will love the H70 Randall. The on board flash is kinda weak but you can pair it with a Vivitar 2800 and set the ISO to 100 or 200 and get some incredible pictures.
  17. Firemanjim

    Dxg Program

    You have to have the reed relay to trigger the shutter on the 125. The CritterGetter MICRO has enough outputs to turn on your mic and the array. The MICRO has two spare outputs so it is possible.
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    Bigfoot Refuses To Leave Walk Test

    Usually working the sensitivity pot back and forth a couple times will fix the problem 99% of the time
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    Happy Birthday Fmj!

    Thanks guys. I definitely feel a year older
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    Buck Video

    Are the timings and everything functioning like you want it Bob?
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    Happy Birthday Pdskal

    Happy Birthday Paul
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    First Two S600 Build Pics

    Nice looking builds...
  23. What you are doing sounds like it will be a far better product than what we done. Can't wait to see it.
  24. Chris 212 helped me do this a few years back with the "Turtle Cams" I built for those biologists up in Maine. Here is the laser we used: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Seco-Larm-Enforcer...O0AAOSwMmBVzXBS It requires a 12v battery. Worked quite well. Never got 90 feet out of it. I think about 37 feet was the most.